Hello everyone!

I’ve been wanting to inform and reach out to you about this for a while now. 🙂

I’m currently enrolled in a writing internship with The Borgen Project, a non-profit organization set on ending world poverty. It’s been amazing so far, and I’m only in week three.

Part of the internship is to fundraise, I’ve set a goal for myself and your help is greatly appreciated.

“Wait wait, what’s The Borgen Project?” In more detail we advocate and speak directly with Congress to help pass multiple acts addressing world poverty as well as combating diseases. Last year in 2017 a total of two were passed including the Electrify Africa Act. Which will provide people who’ve, for generations, never had any kind of electricity in 2030.

Soon I’ll be mailing out letters to a few people for possible donation opportunities, and if you’d like to be included just comment here or send me a message directly on my site. i’d be happy to include you.


Below is a link to my direct donation process on with The Borgen Project. I’ve also, in the link, included some cool and fun incentives for those who choose to donate. I’m not asking much, I believe every little bit helps. My range is from $5 to $25. Pretty basic.

Gustavo’s Internship Donations.

Later in June, I’ll have another awesome donation opportunity happening. “A Kick-a Dollar”. Where for every dollar donated, I’ll do that many kicks. Starting from low kicks all the way to high kicks, and maybe a few jump roundhouse kicks thrown in. On both legs mind you. So, look out for the announcement for that.

In case you’re even more curious about The Borgen Project, The Borgen Project.


Hope you’re having an awesome day!

And, thanks, in advanced.

-Gustavo Lomas