This is the beginning of a horror/thriller story I had an idea for. Not much has developed beyond this…yet.


“Jenny…Oh Jenny…why are you hiding from me? You’re only making this more difficult for yourself.”

His footsteps are getting closer. She clasps her hand over her mouth tighter and to quiet the breathing through her nose.

The light from the window darkens as he passes by. Please don’t let him see me, please, please…


“Daddy. Daddy what are we doing?”

“Daddy is trying to find our new friend sweetheart. Do you want to help?”

“You mean, hide and seek? I can seek with you?”

“Yes…you here that Jenny? Little Debbie misses you. You don’t want to disappoint her.”

Debbie skips through the kitchen. “La-la-lalala-la…Miss Jenny, I’m gonna find you. Just watch, this is my favorite game.”

Jenny feels the blood trickling down her arm to a drip. His footsteps stop and he circles back her way. “What’s that Jenny? Are you trying to give us a clue? Jenny…I’m gonna find youuu…”

Jenny breathes heavily, fearful squeals escape through the holes between her fingers. She brings her knees to her chest and closes her eyes.

“Here you are Miss Jenny. I told you I’d find you. You’re a really good hider.”

“Thank you sweetie. The next time you and I play, you can start as the seeker.”

Debbie smiles at Jenny. “What now daddy?”

“Now sweetheart, you can go play outside but remember…”

“I know daddy, don’t play around the traps.”


“And…and…and, if it gets dark make sure a nice stranger walks me home.”

“Good girl, now go on. Miss Jenny and I…have our own game to play.”

He kneels down and kisses Debbie on her forehead. Debbie skips through the doorway. The door slams shut and Jenny watches as he locks it.

“No…no. Pl…please…you don’t have to do this…”

“Have to? I know I don’t have to. Hobbies aren’t something you obtain out of obligation.”

Tears run down her cheeks. She stretches out her blood stained hand. “Pl…please…please just let me go…”

“Shh, shhh. Hush little baby don’t say a word…daddy’s gonna buy you a mocking bird…”

He grabs Jenny’s hand and pulls her to her feet. He kisses her forehead and brings her head into his chest. “…And if that mocking bird don’t sing…daddy’s gonna have to kill the thing…”

“No…” Jenny feels herself being lifted up by her neck. She looks him in the eyes and a smile forms in the corner of his mouth.

“Hush now…”

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