So now we’re here. First Principal Pitcher and Coach Pyle then the rest of the school. Teachers first then students. Vic and I are in the auditorium closet waiting for the screams and running to die down.

“How long do you think it’s been?”

“I dunno…I say we wait a little longer.”

“What’s the plan for after we get out?”

“Supplies, we need supplies…and weapons of some kind.”

“Okay…so, zombies?”

“Yeah…who knew?”

“I mean, it’s not the worst assembly we’ve had.”

“Really Flo, really? Give me a worse assembly than this one.”

“The one where…no. Um, how about…no, no…I dunno. I’m just trying to stay positive Vic.”

A little back story on Vic. He’s an avid gamer but more than anything, he’s a zombie enthusiast. So much so that sometimes I question how we’re even friends. It doesn’t matter if it’s movies, games or mythology. You name anything in regards to zombies and Vic can discuss it with you in length.

“Come on expert, what’s our plan of action?”

“Give me a minute. I mean, I can’t say I haven’t thought of a zombie outbreak happening. Only once or twice did it cross my mind to try and prep for something at school. But usually they happen in the beginning of the day or at night. So any prep I do while trying to account for good supply cache location is tricky.

“Like, even if I had backpacks or supplies stashed around the area, the problem is finding a central location for them to be. Then you have to figure out a way to get to ’em and hope they’re still in tact or haven’t been found by someone else.”

“So, do you have anything close supply wise?”

“I have weapons and supplies…in my room.”

“Fine. Scratch that. What do we do now? Where do we go?”

“We need security and high ground. Even if they can climb or figure out how to climb being high up will still allow us an advantage. Even a few seconds can make all the difference between living and…undying.”


“Oh come on. That’s a legitimate explanation.”

“No, you’re right it is. I just…if the zombies don’t kill me that sense of humor of yours will.”

“Whatever. Okay, so we need supplies and to get to that roof.”

“I say janitors closet for supplies and then cafeteria for food.”

“I like it, I like it. And from there…”

“The sciences building. It’s got two floors and the easiest roof access.”

“We gotta move fast. And quietly. Who knows how many are out there.”

We take deep breaths, and Vic tightens his shoe laces, we open to door on the count of three. “Should we walk back to back?”

“Good idea.”

We slowly walk down the hall, “Anything?”

“Nothing on my end. You?”

“Only thing on my end is your end.”

“*Sigh* Flo, leave the jokes to me. Let’s go, janitor’s closet is at the end of the hall.



“Of course. And they’re in the classrooms. One by one okay? Be quick, I’ll go first.”

Vic kneels down and takes a big step back. He slides with ease quickly under the window on the door. I try to follow his example but I slip on the take off and slide on my stomach. My forehead stops on top of Vic’s shoe. “Smooth Flo, smooth.”

“Shut up. I made it didn’t I?”

“Come on, four more to go.”

One of the zombie kids bumps into the final door and pushes it open just as Vic preps for the last dash. “Whoa whoa, wait.”

“Shh. Thanks.”

We stand in front of the janitor’s closet. “What if it’s locked?”

“…I dunno…cross your fingers.”

Vic turns the handle and down falls the mop, then the broom. We stand there in silence waiting, listening for any sign of zombies. “*Phew*, that would’ve sucked.”



“…Should’ve known. They always speak too soon in movies.”

“Vic Run!”

Without thinking I run towards the amphitheater doors. Just as I put my hand on the push handle, V. P. Stroud slams against the door. Snarling, eyes jet black, blood dripping from between her teeth. I step back and feel a cold wet hand grab my arm. I turn quickly throwing out my fist, “Ow! What the hell?”


“Rule number one, never run off alone. That’s how people die.”

“I just, I felt your wet hand and assumed you were one of them….why is your hand wet?”

“I had trouble throwing the mop water down the hall. Figured a wet tile floor sucks for both zombie and human.”

Three zombie teachers struggle to gain traction behind us. “We’re trapped.”


“Well three there and then Stro…she’s gone.”

“Come on, they won’t stay down long. Mop or broom?”


“Pick one!”


“Here. Now let’s go. Through the amphitheater. Just hope you remember how to swing a bat.”

We crouch back to back again, Vic cautiously opens the door. I peak out, “Looks clear.”

“Always does before a storm.”

“We still need supplies?” Vic pats a big black garbage bag drooping over his side.

“Didn’t get much but it’s better than nothing.”

The cafeteria is ahead of us on the left, up the “Stairs to Success”.

“Two up ahead, go right. Stop…shh.”

“Who is it?”

“Looks like they got Mr. King. Self proclaimed lord of the arts.”

“Did they see us?”

“Don’t think so. Hold on, I’m gonna try something.”

He picks up a soda can, “Left or right?”

“Over there, by the snack shack.”

He chucks the can and it bounces off of the building to the right of the shack with an echoing *clang*.

“Louder than I thought.”


The two zombies on the upper level were already at the can listening but the zombie feeding on Mr. King has a harder time. Her head jerks up, she looks straight at us with the black filled eyes but stumbles backwards toward where the can is. She bounces off of a pillar and then bounces off of a door to a classroom before joining the other two.

“Now, let’s go. Double time Flo.”

We’re standing in front of the cafeteria doors, “What’s next?”

“Use the tables as cover to get into the kitchen.”

“Any of ’em in there?”

“…A few.”

“Ready when you are.”

Step one, get inside, step two stay low and close to the tables. Step three duck into the kitchen and hope it’s clear. We’re doing great until Vic slams the bag of supplies on a table. I see him swear under his breath. I look over the top of the tables at the zombies in the room, the three of them jerk their heads but nothing more.

“All good Vic…Vic?”

Vic is slunk against the wall. Less than a foot away from him at the end of the table is Racheal the lunch lady. I’m frozen. She’s making her way towards me. I begin to back away when I see Vic mouth, “The wall. Get to the wall.”

I move quick, he raises his hands telling me to go slow. Pointing for me to put the mop on the floor. “Slow steps. Nice and easy.”

I slide down the wall to him. We stay still as she shuffles by and slams her knee against the bench. Vic reaches the kitchen door first and opens it just enough for us to squeeze through. “Make sure it’s clear.”

He closes the door slowly. I check the other side of the kitchen using the fridge as cover. “Clear.”


“What happened?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re the zombie specialist and you make a rookie mistake like letting a bag swing loose?”

“I was checking to make sure nothing was behind us. One common mistake is getting too comfortable with the destination ahead. That’s when they sneak up behind you.”

“Where’d Racheal come from then?”

“She was in here. I was watching the rest of the room with you when I saw the door close.”

“But she didn’t see us. Just like Beth outside feeding on King. What do you make of ’em?”

“I’ve never seen zombies like this. Figures, the zombie horde arrives and it’s a whole new breed all together. So far what I’ve noticed is the moist skin, like they’re sweating. Which really makes for a great smell. They still feed on flesh but I haven’t seen any bite marks on ’em.

“The only one’s with bite marks are the one’s they feed on. So I don’t know if that’s how the infection spreads.”

“Can’t rule it out though.”

“Right. But it’s the eyes that interest me. It’s like, they’re blind. I mean we were right in front of ’em and…”


“But they can still hear although it doesn’t seem to be heightened. Nor their sense of smell, I think.”

“Okay so, let’s reevaluate.. What supplies do we have?”

“I got Duct-tape. The mop, broom, screwdriver, razor blades, a hammer, and toilet paper. Because, well…”

“No no, good call.”

“We need a backpack. One for each of us.”

“There might be a few out there.”

“That means we have to take ’em out.”

“How many of the zombs are out there?”

“I counted four but there might be more.”



“You rhymed.”

“Flo, focus. We need to be aware. Zombies are really good at surprising people.”


“What now?”

“It’s just…zombie surprise…what happens when the cafeteria bights back.”

“…I don’t…I don’t know what to say to you right now…”

“You’re welcome. Leave the stuff in here?”

“Yeah. All we need are the weapons. Pick ’em off one by one, Assassin’s Creed style…Sneak attack.”

There’s promise to our plan but we end up improvising instead. Vic starts to slide but hits his elbow on the bench of a table, his target zombie turns and rushes towards him. Another comes from behind him. He trips the first zombie by sticking his leg out and her head hits the edge of the table, I finish her off with a blow from the hammer. Vic spears the second with the broom and trips her as he shoves her backwards. He plunges the screwdriver into the center of her forehead.

Cookie is next. He’s the cook, in case that isn’t clear. He’s a bulky latin man. We stand in front of him, sizing him up. Vic rushes in first and hits him in the stomach with the broom baseball style. Cookie bends down and the back of his head’s exposed. I swing the hammer down, the back end of it makes contact and I pull it out as he falls.

Racheal is standing at the front of the cafeteria, snarling. Her mouth is twitching, anticipating her meal. “I’ve got this.” Vic nudges me to the side. She begins to sprint towards him, he flips the screwdriver into the air and catches it. Racheal makes three strides; the screwdriver’s in her eye before her foot makes contact for the forth.

“Whoa. Nice throw.”

“Thanks…I was aiming for her forehead.”


“That was amazing! You guys, you totally just kicked zombie butt!”

“What the…”

“Where are you?”

“Here, behind all the chairs…can you help me out please?”



“How long have you been in there?”

“I dunno, a while. I have to pee but I was scared they’d hear me…mind if I go now?”

“I wouldn’t go out there.”

“I wasn’t. I was just gonna find a corner….don’t look please…ahh.”


“Feel better?”

“Yeah, so much.”

“What’s your name?”


“I’m Flo, that’s Vic.”

“You can call me C.J. for short.”

“So what’s your plan C.J.?”

“Dunno…I was just gonna wait here for help.”

“We’re heading to the science building. You can join us but we need you to be aware. We need to watch each other’s backs.”

“I can do that. Do I need a weapon?”

“Wouldn’t be a bad idea. You got one?”

“Um, no.”

“Here take the hammer. How’s it going Vic, anything yet?”

“I’ve got two. Decent sizes. Stock up.”

12 thoughts

  1. To be honest, zombies are not my thing but I must say that I really like your writing style. The way you have given each character their individual traits that unfold with every new situation they encounter is very much like how it happens in life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much 🙂 Zombies are kind of a weakness of mine but I also wanted to bring Middle Grade kids into the situation because they haven’t been given their own story with the genre, that I know of.

      The story opens up even more in later chapters and I like to make readers, of all ages, think about things in new ways.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s interesting, I would have read the following chapters just for the love of your writing style, hoping I would learn a thing or two, but now I am looking forward to it. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww 🙂 Thank you! I enjoy writing this story a lot. Chapters 8 and 9 are drafted out.

      I’m actually always looking for people who’ll give me their honest opinion on my writing. I have a book called, “The Uncertain” that I’d be curious about your thoughts on. I also have a graphic novel series in the works, the first book script done completely.

      The very bottom of my site, “What People Think” are a few reviews. If your interested let me know 🙂 you can even write a revue for M.S.B. so far if you’d like?

      Thank you again. I’m glad you like the story.

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      1. Wish I had more time. But came into work early and my first patient in in 45 min- so I take some time to read blog posts. No point in doing this if we don’t engage with each other. As a fellow author, I know how important it is to capture your audience. You’re doing great.

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