Good morning/evening all.

I have a simple and humble request. Any one interested please comment below and we’ll set up more details for the opportunity.

Would anyone be interested/willing to write a book review for my book The Uncertain? I’m not going to pay you to do so but it would be greatly appreciated. I’d, naturally, share the review on my website as well as link it directly to yours.

And I’ll share it around other platforms I use as well.

To obtain a copy please go to your local book store and ask them to order it for you. It helps me out but also helps keep book stores going strong (and really, how could we not want that?)

Thank you in advanced and I’d be happy to do a trade as well (review for a review or editing work on your writing in exchange but I repeat this is not a paid review. I don’t believe in them.) 

Okay, that’s all now for sure.

Thank you kindly,

Gustavo Lomas

Also, you can find the audio for the book on my podcast here:  New Age Renaissance

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      1. Thanks _ i just have to ask because a few years ago I tried to support a blogger and bought his books and it had soft porn in it and I was upset. He had no warning and should have.
        so I wanted to know that and I also don’t like horror – but it sounds like philosophy and deep thinking kind of

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      2. Wow, I’m sorry to hear that. Yeah, he should’ve been much more forth coming, that’s just rude.

        My book is definitely more philosophical and deep thinking. Something to make the reader ponder and of course, hopefully, connect in ways they never expected to.

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      3. ok – I will look out for it and then maybe you can review one of my books (if not – no worries)
        and yeah _ I forgive the guy – and I am not a prude – I am a big girl and i can get over it – but he should have warned readers


      4. Most defiantly, to both. Just let me know what it’s called and I’ll order it at the book store I work at. I’d be happy to help you as well. (You’ll be my first official book review).

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    1. The subjects span from questioning reality, to feeling like a prisoner in life to growing up and the pains that follow; love and the possibilities it opens up once a person allows themselves to be open to it. The story is brought to a conclusion with understanding and truth.

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    1. Thank you, I’ll update that right now. That’s definitely a good point. I used the cover as the picture for the audio recordings I did for my podcast. So, just makes sense to do it here as well.

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      1. Most defiantly. I’m going to be doing more posts for the podcast promotion soon. So I’ll write something out and get it going. Thank you for the input, it’s much appreciated and definitely helpful.

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      2. my pleasure and be back later (and side note – I am doing a book promotion this week on my blog – but this would not be the book I would want you to review if we did do a swap – I would rather have it be a different one – but let’s see how I do with yours first)

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      3. Haha, yeah, I can definitely understand that. You want all ideas to be made into stories but sometimes we just have to accept that some of them are meant to be used as fuel to feed the creation of others.

        Hope you’re enjoying yourself and have a wonderful rest of your weekend.

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