These are videos a friend of mine helped me make happen. I wanted to answer questions about my life: what brought me to where I am now, how do I feel about certain aspects of my life, what do I strive to accomplish?

This is that interview:

I had an idea two years ago for getting sharing the pivotal moments and thoughts I’ve had in my life until that point. This is the first video in there interview I had someone do for me.

It’s about the beginning and understanding the difference between a wanted purpose and an actual purpose.

Part two of the interview.

I discuss a little of what motivates me to write but mainly what it is I regret having to be part of in life.

I talk bout the future I’ve always dreamt of, my true desire in life as well as a brief philosophy and description of the world’s necessity to hold ourselves accountable for neglected responsibility.

Education doesn’t end once school is over. Education means continuing to grow in life, no matter what may happen.

Not one person but an idea to strive for as a collective as well as individually.

The power of meditation, the things it can help us unlock and the different types there are.

Martial arts is more than fighting and style and belts. It’s about discipline, respect, honor and integrity. I’ve come to understand more of what “Honestly Expressing” in martial arts and life means (also the video says part 8…but I think I just had a hard time counting back then, or something..haha).

Beauty is what we all are, no question. And love, love is everything we are. We just forget to let that truth sink in.

The final piece to the interview. A secret to success that I’ve found is, life isn’t meant to be a single person journey. We’re meant to go through it together.

Because obviously, there have to be bloopers. Perfection is boring 🙂

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