We see Izzy walking down main street as if it’s an ordinary day. She’s unafraid of the possibility of being attacked by zombies, kneeling down to look into a local candy store window.

“Hey! Hey…you!”

“You know CJ, the worst time to yell on a deserted quiet street is in the midst of a zombie outbreak…just saying.”




“Where’s it at?”



It jumps out of the candy store window straight at Izzy. “Watch out!” Connor kicks it in the back, it falls forward onto a large piece of broken glass stuck in the window. “…No, don’t go in there…”

“Flo, stop her! If this one was in there, odds are there are more!”

“Yo…um, girl! Stop…”


Izzy walks into the store nonchalantly. “What’s she doing?”



“I know, I know. How many do you think are in there?”

“Not too many…I hope.”


“So, we’re gonna be heroes?”

“Yeah C, we’re gonna try. Flo keep your eyes on her.”


“Yup. Hey, Vic…Vic!”


“Keep the doors closed and stay low okay?”





“You okay C?”

“Yeah, I got it. Yes, I killed one! Ahh!”

“Flo, where are you?”


I run in and slide in-between two of them. I hit one in the knee and send it buckling just as it’s about to launch for Izzy. It tumbles over and falls into a shelf of candy bars. The one next to it turns towards me as I get up.

I run around the shelf barely missing a swipe from another one, CJ runs past me in a panic crashing into a soda display knocking all of them over. He picks up a broken bottle neck, jumps and thrusts it right into the zombies eye.

“Two! Yeah!”

“C, stop celebrating. Focus up!”

“Oh, my bad. On my way Bro.”


I grabbed another broken bottle neck and swung a right hook into the temple of the zombie chasing me. “Owe, damn.”

“You alright?”

“Yeah. Bottle cut my hand.”

The second one is stuck between the three of us, it lunges for me first. Connor takes his hammer and swings the spiked end into the top of it’s head. It’s mouth is wide open an inch away from my face, I can see the hammer through the roof of its mouth. It buckles to its knees a hand still stretched out towards me as it falls.

CJ yanks the hammer out of its head. “Eww, gross. I got it on my shoe!”

“Could be worse C.”

“Where’d she go?”


I walk closer to Izzy first. “Hey, are you okay? Can you hear me?”

“Think she’s in shock?”

“I dunno…” Izzy’s standing near the back of the store, staring at a wall full of taffy. I walk closer. “Hello?”


“I dunno…C, what are you doing?”

“What?? Come on, it’s a candy store. You didn’t see this coming?”

“Just…get me something good too.”

“Oh, don’t worry. I got you Bro.”


“Flo, we need to bandage your hand.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“That hurt?”

“No, you’re fine.”

“Did anything from the zombie mix in?”

“No, don’t think so. I was pretty careful.”

“All set.”



“Hey…you alright? You almost died a few minutes ago, do you know that?”

“I trusted you.”

“Whoa…okay, so…what’s the deal?”

“I used to come here a lot before…Taffy’s my fav.”



The office door to the store opens up slowly. Connor and CJ are at the front of the store fighting off a few more late zombie arrivers. “Connor, watch out!”

“Got it, C watch out for the one on the floor.”


“Ahhh! Watch out!”


I wasn’t quick enough. It grabs Izzy, “Help! Connor!” As I look back, another one grabs me by the leg and drags me down.

“No…No…help help! CJ! Connor!”



I look up to see Vic pulling the end of sword out of the zombie’s skull. “Decided to join us?”

“It sounded like too much fun, rude for not inviting me Flo.”

“Figured you’d do what you usually do, show up out of nowhere.”

“Glad to not dissapoint. Scuse me a sec.”


“Wow, where did they come from?”

“Dunno lil’ brother. I think it’s something to be said about staying still in a poor choice of venue.”

“Where to then?”

“Let’s get the others.”


Vic makes one quick slash chopping the zombie’s arm off at the elbow. It turns its attention to him and tries to grab at him with its nub. Just as it reaches with the other hand Vic evades to the side, kicks the back of its knee and thrusts the sword down through the top of its head. “Nice moves.”


“And you said joining a dodgeball team was a waste of time. You okay? Get scratched or anything?”

“No…I’m fine…thanks.”

“You’re…welcome…I’m Vic and this is Flo…”


“You guys alright?”

“Yeah. Where’d they all come from?”

“Zombies…undead by default, silent by nature.”

“Doing alright Vic?”

“For now.”


“It’s just about evening, means dinner time.”

“What are you in the mood for?”

“I’m thinking Italian…no, pizza…no, burgers…”

“Stop you’re making me hungry.”


“Thanks, for helping me out.”



“Yeah, that was my reaction too.”

“I’m Izzy.”


“What were you doing?”

“Yeah, don’t you know what’s going on?”


Izzy stares at the taffy like she’s looking for the answer to CJ’s question. After a while we all stare at it with her. The five of us fixated on this wall of taffy bins like, it’s everything we could want. For this small moment, reality isn’t what it is.

After all the chaos we somehow, thanks to Izzy, found calm.

“So, which ones we trying first?”

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