Happy Monday evening one and all.


I was informed last week that the first article I wrote for my internship is up and ready to be read. So, naturally I wanted to share the link with you all 🙂 cause, you know, sharing is caring.


Which is why I wanted to share my internship experience with you while informing you of how important each and every case and action is. (Was that a smooth transition? You let me know).


I’ve also re-included the link to my personal donation page with The Borgen Project. It’s never too late to give, and every little bit helps. This isn’t a matter of “Why now?” It’s a matter of, “Why not always?”


Poverty has multiple side affects, all of which we hold the remedy to in our hearts. Please, take a moment to read the article and click on the donation link so you can have both tabs open.


You won’t regret it.

-Gustavo Lomas




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