It’s not enough to believe in something, you need to be able to invest yourself in belief and come out of it better for doing so.

Unfortunately, many people believe in the broken more than they believe in the hopeful. They believe in what can’t be instead of what might not yet have been.

So let me ask you, what do you believe in?

Do you believe something because you’re told to, because it’s easiest to do; like fear or pain being the only constants in the world, in life?

Or do you hope to believe in something more, something genuine and laced in opportunity?

Fear and pain are genuine, yes, but that doesn’t make them necessary in life and living in the long term. I’ve written quite a bit about necessity and what it can mean or might mean. It’s very much how I live my life. Necessity.


What does that mean for you? What do you truly need? What calls out to you, to the depths of your soul? Is fear one of your answers? If so, then ask yourself, “How has that come to be something I think I need in order to live?

“How can I live, in fear?

“…can I live, can I come to life and thrive in a state of constant fear?”

I’ll leave you to find that answer yourself.


Let’s take into account something in the current limelight. Here in America, everything about us as a country was derived from the single origin, The Constitution. (Granted this could be argued philosophically but for now I’m keeping it simple). 

I won’t go too into detail about the start of the country and the changes The Constitution has endured and made to help stimulate the growth of the U.S. No, this is my only question. Is it good enough?

I can hear some of you gasp as if I just wished for the downfall of the country. Calm down. If you love where you live you have to be willing to look for ways to make it better. No house/home stays the same even if the same family lives in it from birth to death. Things change, new piping is needed, maybe some new insulation, light bulbs…you get it. So, this country is my home (again there is a bigger picture aspect that can be discussed about the world being the home to all but as I said, I’m keeping this pretty simple). 

There’s been a lot of work on small aspects of the home but what needs to be addressed now is the foundation. It’s starting to crack and give way. I for one am not willing to sit and wait in fear as the ground beneath shifts and causes the whole place to topple and crush me.

True change has no room for fear. 

So, lets ask ourselves honestly: of all the Constitutional Rights, how many of them actually coincide with the basic necessities for humanity? If you don’t know what they are: Bill of Rights.

Now, what are basic human rights? Think of the very basic things you need to not only survive but live a truly free life. Make a list if you need to, I encourage it actually.

Now, compare, and honestly answer the question, “Do the rights endowed for the country actually represent the truth in human rights?”

If you have trouble understanding the wording of the Bill of Rights, look things up. If you understand them, awesome. Check your lists, and answer honestly. It should be pretty simple as it’s really just “yes” or “no”. If you have to try and argue whether something really is a human right, then the answer is no, it isn’t.

So, for me the one I have an issue with (shouldn’t really be a surprise) is the Second one. How does this, “The Right to Bear Arms” correspond at all with basic human rights? Just a question, more food for thought if you will.


That’s really it. The end of this piece. Do you believe in something, something that might be nearly impossible to believe in? If not, give it a try. It should be something that grants the idea of tangible safety and love for all beings.

If what you believe in doesn’t make you wonder about something better than constantly being afraid, odds are you don’t really believe in something you deserve.


-Gustavo Lomas