If someone lacks the knowledge of how to accomplish betterment and truth, it’s ignorant to push shame onto them. 

If someone struggles with being better and you know how to help them but choose not to, it’s false pride you live on not truth.

If someone seeks the knowledge of being better but refuses to accept it, then we must invest in hope of better opportunities for them to find the truth they continue to fear.

What is it that scares us so much about unlocking our full potential?

What is we fear most about ourselves?

What is it, you could do if you had the power to be everything you’ve always wanted to be?

What would you put into the world? What would you contribute?

What would you build?

What would you create?

What would you embody?


Now, here’s the true question…

What would you do, if I told you you’ve always had the power to be absolutely your best you?

What if, you weren’t meant to HAVE the power?

What if, we’ve always been meant to BE the power?


-Gustavo Lomas