I’m sure you’ve done it. Especially as a kid, everyone has. Felt fear so strongly that you created a physical representation of it in your mind. It could’ve been a fear of the dark, so you created a monster that lurks in your closet waiting for the light to go out so it could pounce.

Or maybe you were arachnophobic, so you created an army of spiders in your bed any time the sheet or blanket shifted and treaded lightly across your skin.

It’s human nature, to use the imagination to help give our feelings a face or body; a point of origin.

Now, here’s my question for you: when did you stop giving your fear a persona?

Next question: did you ever stop using your imagination to bring your fears to life?

Or, have your fears grown into something bigger than monsters or spiders? Sure they have. But what is it that rides in the chariot of fear now?

Answer: The Unknown.

It’s much scarier, the unknown, because it gives endless possibilities to all kinds of fears. It doesn’t take much to start, but it can rob you of everything just as quick.


When things become unknown, when we reach a point where we can no longer see something tangible to help us on our journey, we begin to lose faith in all the good that might lie ahead. We begin to let our minds wander to unknowns; ironically unknowingly letting fear take the lead.

Then, all we’re able to imagine is fear.


What’s the best course of action? In my opinion, facing the fears head on. Get out of bed and go straight towards the monster staring at you from the closest, only then can you discover your true self and natural courage.

To be able to ask yourself why you’re so afraid to not know what you don’t know, is a sign of growth and strength. We need to work to be able to find happiness in the unknown.


On an astrological note:

Mercury is in retrograde and that’s always a fun time (I say that ironically of course). Even if you don’t believe in astrology, you should at least understand that the planets and the solar system very much effect us here in our world.

This tends to throw a lot of things and people out of balance. This happens so that we can remember what it means to slow down in our daily lives. Everything seems to be coming way too fast for us to process, but the universe is trying to tell us to take a moment and breathe. 

Some people get moody out of nowhere, some people get stressed about the smallest things and some make rash decisions because they don’t allow themselves time to just rest and relax. 

It’s scary. To feel as though you’ve lost control of everything around you. But here’s an even scarier truth for you: we’re never fully in control of any aspect of our lives…

Control is an illusion.


Life itself is a culmination of unknowns strung together with time. Life is everlasting but our time is limited. 


So, what happens next? I can say with a smile, I don’t know.


-Gustavo Lomas