First of all, it’s not your fault. You didn’t bring the assault on yourself, it’s the fault of the attacker plain and simple.

I understand you’ve been scared of admitting the truth to anyone, possibly even yourself but you don’t need to be afraid anymore. Yes, it might be easier said than done but there are many of us with you, supporting you. We want to help change how the world works, and this, admitting and calling out the selfish predators, this is one of the key places for that to start.

You can do this, you don’t have to be afraid any more.


To those who’ve already and have always spoken up, thank you. For your courage. Thank you for bringing to light the darknesses that many have been told to ignore. Please continue with your courage and help those who you may know, or may not know, who’ve been victims of assault in all forms; help those who still fear the unknown of addressing the truth find their voices.



Men, and all other twisted individuals who would choose to pray on someone in this way. We’re coming for you. No longer will we stand for it, we’re all here, together now. Ready to stand up to each and every one of you.

Notice how I said “choose”? Yeah, it’s a choice you made because you think you can do and say whatever you want, have your way with young men and woman, or men and women in general-people-that’s never been the case. So, consider this your rude wake up call.


The Silent:

To the men, and others, who’ve been lost in ambiguity. To those who’ve been too afraid to seem weak for calling out the attackers, now is the time to prove to yourself, and to those you love and care for who you’ve known to be victims of assault, that you do in fact stand for justice and truth. This is a stand for Love. This is a stand for Humanity.

I’m not gonna make you feel guilty, because you’ve probably made yourself feel plenty guilty. I’m telling you that, while it won’t excuse your past silence, it will stop silence from ever being an option in the future.

We can do better, we have to do better. If you were ever going to stand for something, stand for true justice in the face of assaults around the world.


There’s absolutely no reason not to.


-Gustavo Lomas




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    1. Thank you. I’d been thinking about writing about it for some time I just wasn’t sure of the wording for it all. I’ve always been someone to call things out that were wrong and it’s usually put me at odds with those around me. I’ve especially always been someone who stands for the rights of people, women especially. So this, this had to be said and shared.
      Thank you for your appreciation.

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