This post was inspired by a friend of mine. She recently wrote an entry about detoxing, a proper healthy way, after getting a hangover with a few pictures of herself detoxing at the end.

In one of the pictures she’s relaxing in a sauna. The way the picture was taken, her demeanor everything about it immediately told me one thing, “It’s moments like these where true beauty shines, everlasting.”


I don’t mean a physical beauty, but one that comes from within and shines through the physical in a way that can’t be ignored. This woman, is radiant and vibrant, full of life and light and pushes to help all those around her become the best possible versions of themselves. She’s an inspiration, plain and simple. I’m glad to be able to share our journeys of inspiration with one another.


Here’s what it got me thinking about: for me there’s absolutely nothing more beautiful than a woman comfortable in who she is. There’s nothing more beautiful than a women being able to feel freely as she feels, when she feels. There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman relaxed in any environment, even if she doesn’t necessarily like where she might be, it doesn’t stop her from being herself.

Some of my absolute favorite moments are being around women I’ve cared for and seeing them “kick back”, exhale and talk with me about whatever they feel like.

A woman should be free to be who she is, without fear or worry of having to be something she isn’t. 

So, seeing this women in a picture in that moment, I was in awe. Because seeing a woman so relaxed and in tune with who she is, it’s refreshing. An absolutely beautiful moment.


It can be said for men as well, but womenin my observationshave for some stupid reason been made to think they can’t be who they are. They’ve been made to believe they can’t relax and have to be this “perfect” being.

Fuck that!

As a man and a human being, I don’t think there’s anything more powerful than someone being their beautifully imperfect self. The oddities that make a person who they are are what make them the most beautiful. “Your ‘flaws’ are your strength.”

I once dated a young women who, whenever we’d talk on the phone, would do so laying on her back with her feet patting on the wall above her headboard. She called it weird, and although in a way it could be, to me it made her more beautiful. Especially because I could hear the little taps she’d be making whenever she’d go quiet haha.

I also fell in love with a woman who loved bitmoji and would send the most random things to me in texts. It was her way of story telling and I loved it. Because, yeah, she was kind of a dork but to me it made her beautiful.


So, the friend that inspired me for this post, who unknowingly reminded me of what true beauty is, thank you. Because I got to be a part of that moment even though it happened before I was able to be a part of it.

There’s nothing more amazing than seeing a woman relax and free of worry. (Side note: women are beautiful in general, I’ve always thought so, but moments like these are simple surprises that help shed light on the depth and truth of that beauty).

So whether you sit at home and read in a comfy chair, or sip tea while gazing out at your neighborhood or twirl your hair when you get lost in thought. Whatever you do that makes you feel most relaxed and yourself, I just want to remind you that you’re beautiful. And I hope moments like that, moments that are all yours, become moments you cherish and look back on to define just how beautiful you are. How beautiful you’ve always been.

Don’t ever let anyone, especially yourself, try and convince you that you’re not beauty everlasting.

-Gustavo Lomas

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