Everything I do, now more than ever, is with a focus derived from deep within my spirit. I learn all I can, take what is necessary and discard what’s not needed. Simplicity is often the missing ingredient to happiness.

In martial arts, Kung-Fu, the philosophy is flowing energy. Learning to tap in to the life force that not only surrounds you but is everything you are. Seeing yourself in everything, seeing everything within yourself. 

I don’t train in martial arts so that I can learn how to hurt people, I train so I can know how to best defend myself if I have to. I train to become more in tune with who I am, I train for self defense: through discipline, honor, honesty, respect and patience I’ll be able to protect myself from the most negative aspects of myself in others.

To me, that’s why it’s called self-defense. One taps into everything they are, deep within- mistakes, beauties, ideas, hopes, fears- and works to understand themselves through it all. So you’re not just learning how to defend against possible outside attacks, you’re understanding how to deal with past, present and future internal attacks.

My training is all about finding the most efficient, least energy consuming, way to handle any threat life may put into my path. My movements- punches, kicks, evades- are all in synch with the energy that flows within me and around me. Nothing is wasted or taken for granted. 

The other night, while laying down and thinking about practicing more with my nunchucks, I stumbled upon a philosophy of their movements. I’m not sure if it’s been started before but to me, the key to continued proper use of them means not trying to stop their flow before it reaches a center point. That’s how people get hurt and I feel that’s what many who, I’m sure you’ve seen fail videos, try and rush fail to understand at first.

Nunchucks, and any weapon, should not be the definitive aspect of one’s skills but an extension of their continued effort towards progress. The nunchucks cannot be a separate piece from me when I practice or use them, they must become me. An extension of power and energy.  

So, as I’m continuously working and enjoying finding my true state of being in all moments of life. As I continue to grow with the world around me and the energy we share with it, I’m getting to know myself better. Becoming better acquainted with my true self.

Here’s a bonus video of me remembering how much I enjoy dancing.

I’m growing into a better human being, and I hope I can inspire you to follow your path of enlightenment and do the same.

-Gustavo Lomas