Everything in life is an extension of ourselves. We are an extension of everything in life.

So at the core of everything, all that we say, do and think, are the fundamental elements of the universe.

We hold within ourselves the balance that shapes everything we know, everything we perceive. 

In my training, with weapons such as my nunchucks and bo staff, what I will to happen will be reflected in their actions. While at the same time, they allow me to practice detachment. They are and will become part of everything I am in the moments in which I use them but when they aren’t with me, they don’t define who I am. They don’t define my skill.

I don’t need them to be skilled and developed, I don’t need them at all. They simply help better establish more of who I am within myself. It’s good to know how to use them if need be, but I can’t relay on them continuously.

I must be my best self without them, only then can I be my best self with them.

Extensive extensions cannot thrive if they aren’t fully rooted firmly. The core of you is the source of focus for all that happens around you, including what you say, think and do.

Jumprope is another challenge in it’s own. A test of focus and stamina. I simulate jump roping when I’m out running and stopped at a light or cross walk.

Literally, it’s all about keeping your balance on your toes in order to better propel yourself towards your target/goal as soon as opportunity favors you.

We’re not stars in the universe, we’re the entire universe in stars.

-Gustavo Lomas