Sooo…it’s happening again. People are outraged at the protesting of the  U.S. National Anthem.

I’ve read articles about people video taping (is that still a relevant phrase?) themselves burning jerseys and season tickets that they bought…and I can’t help but think of how all this proves is their ignorance of what’s really going on in the world. Their blind faith in words and phrases that no longer really depict the truth of the country.

To them I’d say:

“So, you feel violated because people kneel during the National Anthem? I have to ask, do you feel violated because you’ve been told you should always respect the Anthem or because those kneeling are bringing to light injustices you’ve long and eagerly been ignoring?

“Do you understand the irony in your actions and attitude? The people kneeling are exercising one of the country’s oldest rights, and past times. Yes, protesting and standing up against injustice is a past time of the nation, long before any kind of sports league took center stage. After all, how do you think the nation got started?

“Some of you might say, ‘This isn’t what athletes are supposed to do! This isn’t what they’re paid for! Millionaires whining over things they don’t understand!’ I mean, okay first off not more than a week ago you probably believed they earned every single cent they’re paid after seeing them run that turn over for the winning touchdown or out juke the other team at the one yard line in order to solidify a good field goal position. Hell, you probably even danced along with them in their victory dance…but now, because they are choosing to do more than play football- because they are choosing to stand up for injustices that affect every single one of us, injustices that you’re too afraid to acknowledge-they don’t deserve their pay check? So…you want a surface image. You want pawns put on the field for your amusement and nothing more. 

“At the same time, we somehow elected a multi-billoniar as President thinking he’d stand up for all the little people…and again, now we have millionaires who are actually standing up for the people and that’s a problem…see where the irony comes into play?

“I have to ask, why does football players showing integrity of character bother you so much? Is it because it makes it harder for you to ignore your part in it all? Do you feel somewhat responsible for what it is they’ve all chosen to kneel for? Pretty sure, that’s the point.

“Saying things like, ‘All they need to do is play football; all they’re doing is distracting from the real reason we like to watch the games.’ It’s the same mentality that tried to prevent women from gaining the right to vote, and then tried to force them into an unrealistic mold where the majority of their time was meant to be spent in obligatory silence. 

“It’s the same mentality and verbal nonsense that made it easy for people of color to be discriminated against; the same voice that preached equality for people but made many out to be less than worthy of free living. 

“You don’t understand yet and that’s fine. Those of us who do understand your fear but just because we understand it, doesn’t mean we’re going to allow it to continue to blind the nation. There are so many people around the world who don’t have a choice in the lives they live, we here in America are one of the places that get to. It’s not about becoming great Americans, it’s about becoming truly better people. That’s what a ‘nation of power’ should do to influence the rest of the world: pursue the truths of humanity. So everyone, can understand true freedom. 

“We’re meant to do much more than we’ve allowed ourselves to do up to this point. That’s why we kneel. Out of a deep sense of humility; no longer being afraid to change in the ways we know we need to as a whole. This is the battle we need to fight now, triumph against our worst enemy: our blind pride.

“It’s time, we embrace our compassion. It’s time we give in to, the power of Love; the power of our humanity.”

-Gustavo Lomas

PS: Does this come across as preachy? I hope not…I’m just annoyed.

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