Sitting, working on my seventh chapter for MSB (ideas for chapter eight happening at the same time) and I realized something. I was wrong in a previous posting.


I was wrong to say that our only entitlement as humans is enlightenment. At least…I feel like I was wrong, maybe that goes along with enlightenment itself. Feels like a bit of a conundrum; I could be wrong and I could be right. No way to tell for sure as enlightenment grants more possibilities for more answers but also gives equal opportunity to ask more questions.

(It’s an equal opportunist).

See where I’m coming from?

Enlightenment can be one of the most pivotal entitlements we have whilst our spiritual selves experience being human but I believe it shares that same level of importance with Love.

Love. The culmination of energy in it’s most pure and powerful form.

I believe, when we die, pass on, are reborn, are flung back into the cosmos-however you choose to see it-we become recycled into an all powerful force. It is here we are dispersed into life or the universe to where we’re needed.

I’m a writer not a physicist! (Haha, Star Trek reference). So I could be wrong in saying that the most powerful force in the universe is gamma ray bursts, the brightest and hottest beams of light in the universe.


Bare with me…What if, WHAT IF, these bursts of energy are all beings of the cosmos who’ve passed on coming together to help form something new in the universe? (No, I’m not high or anything. I just have…”The Dude” thoughts on a regular basis).


Simultaneously, what if some of the gamma ray bursts have left over energy that manifests itself within the depths of beings created? The left over’s of the force, (Haha…Star Wars too), drive creation and goodness within the beings that are brave enough to accept their connection to anything and everything around them.

This force, once accepted by those willing, is soon realized to be shared as its depths and truths are found within our hearts helping us understand in our souls our parts of the cosmos.

We’ve come to call it love.

So…so…Ugh! I’m right there, there’s something deeper, something more profound to tie all this together…

(I’m just gonna hope for the best…)


Love, then, is truly universal and understood by all even if the name of it changes in different languages. Love stems from our connections to the world, the stars, the galaxy, the universe. As well as whomever/however you believe created it all.


Love equals enlightenment and vice versa. Love IS enlightenment. Because, based on my ramblings here, Love could be the product of that pure and powerful light. The force behind creation.

The light we must find within ourselves through our human experience; a flickering point of balance we must strive to become aware/one with.

Enlightenment is our inner light’s directional momentum navigating us through ourselves, towards internal eternal love that is the light of creation from which we were created/born.


…We ARE love…from the day we’re born to the day we die…


Know what, I dunno if I’m gonna keep any of this. I might delete it all right now…

If I haven’t and I did end up posting know that I did so with hands pressed hard against the sides of my head or, and this is the most likely of scenarios; I posted it, shut my laptop, crawled into bed, curled into the fetal position and sucked my thumb as I slipped into madness…

Or my head exploded…

You pick. 


-Gustavo Lomas