It’s been on my mind and in my focus lately. It’s been, blocking me from…growth. As can be the nature of Ego.

I’ve been hoping and wishing to connect with someone and be seen for all that I am. But I was failing to stop and ask, “Why?”

“Is it because I’m lonely, because I want to feel validated or heard, or is it simply because I’m growing impatient?”

It wasn’t until today, while reflecting on a recent outing with a good friend of mine, that I realized my ego was beginning to hinder my, self. My friend took a video of me jumping from ground level to the top of a yellow caution pole. I tried three times but I couldn’t fully get onto it.

It didn’t bother me that I couldn’t get it but she said she wouldn’t post the video if I failed.

It wasn’t until Monday that I sent her a text saying, “Hey, if you don’t mind go ahead and post the video. I think it’s important for people to know I can’t do somethings. I feel like a lot of people who know me see me as this awesome or amazing person because of the things I CAN do…and I don’t want anyone to think everything I do always works out. 

“I want people to know failures are necessary for progress and growth.”

I tried three times to make it all the way on. I got nearly there every time but I couldn’t balance on one foot or push myself upright. I wasn’t discouraged, I was just glad that I gave it good efforts…and that I didn’t fall and slip and smash my nether-region on the top of it…*shiver* eesh.


Enlightenment is to the soul what the stars are to the universe. 


Mishaps and missteps are part of our journey. Without them we don’t truly understand the progress we’ve made.

The long preached ideology of western society, at least from what I’ve come to understand, is things must be opposite. People should always and only strive for the better, easy or quick choice, option or feeling between two things as that’s the only way happiness can be achieved.

Basically, avoidance.

This is why the idea of yin-yang has eluded many minds in America. Because for them they see it as yin AND yang; separation between two opposites. Yin-yang is not separation, it is harmony. The balance in energy, ever flowing in any and all things within the spirit and universe.

Instead of seeing things as one or the other, we must begin to challenge our narrow vision; let our minds wonder passed our perceived limitations. So we may help one another take off the blinders we’ve gratefully accepted at birth, some even handed down to us through multiple generations.


Step one in long term actualization of our true selves: accept our only true entitlement to enlightenment.


-Gustavo Lomas