If you don’t believe in spirituality or awakening or cosmic connectivity between human beings and all things that exist, you’ll find more evidence to continue your skepticism here.

But for those who are willing, for those who dare to discover something new even if only for a moment. See if you’ve had anything similar happen to you.

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    1. That’s all part of it. Sucked for me too. Like, well, being reborn. Learning to walk and speak in a new way. Feel and experience life; speak up for what you want, understand yourself and your body a new.

      It’s happening to so many people right now, you’re not alone. I think right now, those who are just starting to wake up, should keep in mind that it’s not about becoming perfect or fast forwarding through progress, it’s about the slow steady progresses that must be made.

      Be patient, with yourself. So that the world may open up to you fully. Like…approaching a butterfly. Move too quickly and eagerly and you’ll scare it; but control your breathing, walk lightly with pure intent and soon you’ll not only gain the trust of the butterfly but also the wisdom of the flowers.

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      1. That’s perfectly understandable. With anything new I think it’s human nature to want as much as possible as soon as possible.

        Especially when we can control the intake. Like a child being given the ability to have as much ice cream or candy as they want whenever they want.

        But enlightenment, on this big a scale, is for the most part out of one’s control. Somethings will come quick while others will happen over long periods of time.
        Patience is to progress what the stars are to the universe.

        “The purpose of a person is to actualize themselves.”

        In a society where want outweighs need, it’s difficult for someone to truly know and understand themselves. To be honest and open to who they are and the world around them.

        I have faith in you. If you begin to loose your way, just follow the beat of your heart.


      2. As you put it best, want outweighs need, that is actually part of the enlightenment I am focusing energy on.. as energy allows.

        A lot of it right now for me is being mindful in everything I do, and mindful of my body. Which allows me to follow the beat of my heart (i.e. Listen to what me SELF wants).

        ❤️ thank you for taking time to respond!

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      3. That is the most important part of enlightenment. Understanding true need versus false needs.

        Mindfulness, is painful at first because you begin to see how others are lacking in themselves and how their actions continue to hinder their own progress.

        Retrospection breeds inner reflections.

        There’s a post I wrote, in my portfolio, The Story Behind The Story. It has a link to my book that I wrote while going through my own process. It might help you if you’re up for giving it a read.

        And no problem at all responding. As I’ve said, this world we’ve created has too long made individuality a problem and I’m hoping to help people come to accept their individuality in order for us all to connect and thrive the bets way we’re meant to.

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