I’m all about symbols. Symbolism makes for the best writing. But often we become so engrossed in our lives we neglect to notice the ones meant specifically for us.

Lately I’ve been on this whole new…hugely gigantically enormous awakened sense. So much has been going through my mind and even more about life, the world and the self have been opening up to me. It kinda makes me feel, or at least come off as, somewhat eccentric. Possibly crazed. Which I get, because it’s a lot of stuff that doesn’t really correlate with…well, a lot of stuff. Nothing that’s been openly given so attention (at least that’s how I feel).


For those that don’t know I’m an automotive machinist full time. Dirty greasy work all day everyday. Heavy lifting, unnatural smells and some chemicals. Not really a place you see any kind of creature or insect making a home. We barely get spiders in here.

I was on my way back to work from my break when I saw a dragon fly hovering around my work area. “Dude, what are you doing? There’s nothing for you in here. Get out, go be in nature.”


I later told my cousin of the encounter and he reacted, “Whoa whoa, what makes you think it was for you??”

He was right. I didn’t know it was for me, it could’ve been specifically for the shop. (And then the cosmos said unto Gustavo…”Haha, silly man…pay attention!”) 

Fifteen minutes later the exact same dragonfly came and rested itself on a set of dirty hanging head springs…less than a foot away form me. “Huh…okay, so you’re here for me, got it…got it.”


Here is what a dragonfly symbolizes: The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world symbolizes change and change in the perspective of self realization; and the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.

The traditional association of Dragonflies with water also gives rise to this meaning to this amazing insect. The Dragonfly’s scurrying flight across water represents an act of going beyond what’s on the surface and looking into the deeper implications and aspects of life.



*Explosion aftershocks*



Haha, all I could do was smile.


I didn’t ask to be shown proof I’ve been on the right path. Low and behold I was granted the affirmation nonetheless. Of all things it could’ve been, I now know why a dragonfly.


-Gustavo Lomas

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