Something happened to me tonight as I was leaving work after finishing a writing test for a freelance job that I *fingers crossed* hopefully get.


It was something I hadn’t felt in months…the feeling of ease.

I’ve been working non-stop for the last few months to get myself to a place I’ve never been before: financial well being. It’s taken some time and lots of replanning but it’s actually happening. It’s a reality.

Student loans schedule is set up, my credit card will be paid off by next month and I’m moving to a permanent residence within the next two months. All thanks to lots of help from family and friends and my damn persistence haha. Not being able to give up has always been, a cork of mine. But it’s starting to pay off and I honestly…it’s a good feeling to say the least.


Some people prefer to have a drink or something like that to celebrate but not me. Although I enjoy a good glass of whisky or bourbon from time to time, it’s not my go to for celebration or relaxation. No, for me its much simpler: cereal.

As I’m standing in the cereal aisle, in awe of the fact I’m craving something so simple, I get a little choked up because I know I’m finally solidifying the last bits of myself to be completely the kind of man and human I’ve always known myself to be.

I couldn’t help but smile and I felt a single tear form in my eye. “Damn…so much has happened in so little time…can’t wait to see what I’m in for next.”


I sat on my bed eating my bowl of Corn-Pops knowing I’d earned it. Knowing I’d earned that moment of true comfort and rest because I’ve kept true to everything I am and know myself to be.

“This, is one of those moments of absolute freedom.”