Lately, while I’ve been witnessing many people beginning to awaken within themselves I’ve also noticed many more still living…with a sense of shame as to who they are. It saddens me, deeply. So here are some of the thoughts I’ve had throughout the day in regards to my observations:


My mind works weird…it’s wired differently, I think; definitely.

I think in rhythms, rhymes; riddles rattle my brain freely, wander when I wonder about something or other…

Smothered are my thoughts in seemingly complex simplicities; ancient technicalities shaped mystically. 

Enigmas dissolving stigmas without question to their lesson; strenuous holds on me lessen. “Why breathe life into a false pulse?

“Why continue to refuse to see the heart of the matters; why refuse to heed the cry of our heart as it shatters…”

Like, we’re okay being too afraid to dare; grown vastly complacent in the idea that “Maybe we’re not meant to care…”

A binding blind contract of belief built on contradiction, in terms of affection; we’re made to forget that quintessential part of us so when feelings flock forward, we think we’re being forewarned and meet them with rejection.

Because well, it’s easier; nobody wants to deal with their…reflection.

Mirror images easily ignite retrospection…

Technology ironically letting us avoid mirrors with selfies, picturing certain parts of ourself and hiding the rest with a flash; less chance for us to glance into the depths of our despair…

“People are too afraid to come to accept the truth. They’re more than strong enough to handle what’s down there.”


-Gustavo Lomas