Control is, it’s one of those things where the more you try to have the less you’ll actually do.

We’re not meant to be in control of everyday or moment or possibility. To be human means being imperfect and that’s the best part about living life. The freedom to be imperfect.

I had someone talk to me about how I need to plan more for everything and anything that can and will go wrong. I could;n’t help but think, Why?

If all we ever allow ourselves to do is plan for the unexpected then how can we be surprised in life? If all a person does it think that something will always go wrong no matter what situation their in, how can they appreciate the good situations they have?

“If something doesn’t workout, like, if writing wasn’t an option for you. What’s your backup plan? What else would you do? Because I know…”

They don’t know though. They don’t know me or my capabilities. “What if writing isn’t an option?” I don’t need to think about that because it is. I’m not naive, I write when I can everyday while working six days a week at a hard labor job. Saving money and doing what I know I need to.

And I enjoy it. It’s what I need to do.

What they were doing was pushing their fears and insecurities onto me because they don’t yet know their balance in life.

I like to have cereal when I want to relax and they prefer to go and get a drink.

For them, they always need a way out of something if something goes wrong except for them it’d be, “When” something goes wrong.

That doesn’t work for me. Our in the long term in general, I don’t think. Because again, if all you do is plan and plan and the plan fails over and over, what then?

I’m sure I’ve used this metaphor before but: If a bird lands on a branch, she doesn’t trust that the branch won’t break she trusts in her ability to fly if it does. 

In order to become what you feel you must in your heart of hearts, you need to lose control. We need to lose control, as a destination. Instead we must see it as a tool for growth, a stepping stone meant to help us propel towards balance.

Just like fear.

If you use them to step on and then try to carry both fear and control with you all the time, you’re not gonna get very far. And you’ll most likely begin to grow angry or hateful towards those who didn’t pick them up and are now passing you by with ease.


I just woke up and this was on my mind, I was a little irked. Hope you all have an awesome day! Time for work.


-Gustavo Lomas

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    1. You’re welcome. Glad you can appreciate it Miss 🙂

      It’s something I had to force myself to learn; force myself to overcome bad habits taught to me through adolescence.

      It’s something I think many people continue to struggle with.

      That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to follow our hearts. They lead us to truth, internally and externally in terms of longevity.


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