This book, was so much better than I originally anticipated. I knew I’d enjoy it but the take away, was far more significant than imagined.

The significance? Signs of a definitive New Age Renaissance.

In all honesty I’d been feeling it for a while, the arrival of it, but the similarities and repetitive aspects of patterns is kinda creepy. In the best way. This post is about the similarities between the original Renaissance and the one coming, or rather expanding.


First, the basics. What made the Renaissance so pivotal within history? A multitude of things: the change of powers within fifty years or so of each other. From the Rise and fall of certain empires to the separation of religion and teachings or the “proper” way of living; aka the Humanist idea (the first and youngest of humanist ideas). The printed word became widely available thanks to the printing press, mathematics, and astrology and philosophy become much more widely known as well. Also thanks to the printing press there was also a development in the way the world was seen. No longer deemed flat and expanded behind previous known horizons, ie the Americas. People were beginning to write and read in their native languages and leaving behind the languages of old like Latin. Here’s my favorite possible bit of information, signs of the start of feminism. Yes, women were told, in humanist ideology, how they were meant to act and be and “serve” men but many in different places of Europe spoke against it. Some even wrote and printed their thoughts via poetry books that were distributed to many, along side with works of Shakespeare.

Not to say it isn’t interesting but I’m going to skip over the throne wars and backstabbing by nature of the empires who tried to hide their desperation-to cling to power or gain more of it-even if only a little bit. Instead I’ll talk about the three to four main things that stand out to me about the Renaissance, things I feel mark the necessary changes for the rise of the New Age Renaissance.

Humanist Ideology: The basic premise of this is that human beings don’t need to be confined to the churche’s way of thinking or to one way of reading or writing. It’s all about men striving to understand more than offered by religion or the states or kingdoms. It set the stage for more “radical” thinkers to come forward in terms of mathematics, astrology, anatomy, philosophy, art, map making, trade, scholastics and of course slavery. Most notably though, it kept women out of the “new” spot light. It stated that women were meant to simply serve by a man and the world in which he created around her.

This was new uncharted land, and many women would simply go along with the idea because, what else did they know to do? Well, some argued and were ridiculed, but they persisted. Speaking up, asking what makes it so that just because a man says something a woman should obey? If they’re new ideas and teachings, why can’t women be a part of it?

The humanist idea was good, for it’s time, but also very flawed as you can see.

Humanity Ideology Today: (Note that any “today” ideology is purely my own idea based on observations and my experiences. I’d like to assume that people reading know I have the best intentions in mind but we’re only human and I’m sure someone could easily misunderstand something I write because of their own experiences as well. It’s not my job to write a definitive answer, I write for two reasons: it speaks to me in depths that span beyond the reaches of soulful understanding and two, in hopes that I might inspire someone to open their mind just a small bit and see something new.)

Now that that’s out of the way. Here’s the significance and similarity between then and now. Then, it was all about looking and acting a certain way. It didn’t matter the status of anyone, because everyone had one single minded goal: to become the “perfect” person in order to further solidify the importance of the idea of who people should be. Now, many are realizing that looking the part doesn’t mean anything unless you’re willing to actually put in the work to become the best person you’ve set out to be.

At the same time, women have become so much more empowered. Especially within the last year. It’s been amazing to see, to be able to sit back and watch women rise and not only begin to take their rightful places in the light but to say, “Yes! Finally. Ladies, let’s hear what you’ve got to say.” Women are not, and were NEVER meant, to be placed on the side for the seeming significance of men. We’re meant to be equal. All of us, always. Men, women, children and everyone in-between. It doesn’t matter our religion, our ethnicity or sexual orientation.

The first rise of humanism was to set limits on ourselves to better suit “proper” societal ways. Now so many are pointing out the major faults in that mindset, loudly and proudly. Setting limits on our abilities as human beings, setting limits on our ability to overcome, to be compassionate, to be creative, to be loving, to be true is building a path that’ll only lead to the slow extinction of humanity itself. 

The Printed word: Basically the first ever form of networking. At first only used for the further spread of religion but eventually it’s full potential was realized. Thus began the submersion into new ways of thinking, thinking that propelled not only the people of the time forward but set the stage for the age of enlightenment in the 16th-17th centuries.

The Printed Word Today: Yes, arguably, the invention of the internet could be compared to this invention but I think what hits closer is the beginning of the smart phone age. Unaware of just how important it would be at the time, June 2007, the smart phone has changed lives often in the blink of a screen.

Technology has become such a pivotal part of our daily connectivity, yes sometimes in unhealthy ways but it’s still somewhat new. The new developments are still testing out ability to adapt and balance out our lives between what we do and don’t truly want as well as what we do and don’t truly need.

The printing press made things much more available to a wide range of people in all parts of the world. The smart phone has done the same for us now. Information is there, readily available with just the touch of a finger. We can see, read, listen and be anywhere and everywhere. We can better understand the world around us, before us and use all the information to build a truly better world as it’s become most apparent that what lies ahead of us is never set in stone. We have to choose what we want tomorrow to be; we have to choose who we want to be.

The Printed Word Part II: Not long after books on mathematics and philosophy being widely shared, although greatly challenging for the church, was it discovered how creative writers could thrive in this “new world” just as well, if not better.

We all know Shakespeare, his plays are still widely admired today as he truly was a man ahead of his time. Able to bring people of all classes together with his work that touched on humor, the facts of their different daily lives, the possible faults in their world and even life and death.

There were a few women from different parts of Europe like, France, Spain and England who used their pens to help be heard. Most writing books of poetry that often reflected the depths of their inner curiosity at their stationary places in the rising patriarchy. Often questioning, and I hope I get this quote somewhat right here, “What’s a man done that makes him deserve my obedience/ with one look, I could bring him to his knees.” That quote, hit me. It’s good, and I think a prime example of how far ahead (farther ahead than most men) many of women were.

The Printed word Part II Today: We’ve no doubt had many a great poet and writer as life has gone on from there but not so many have been able to voice their views and ideas and hopes with the world as openly until people began building websites to simply write or share pictures or adventures or life or advice.

It’s become so much more apparent how one person can inspire so many to become better, healthier, happier. At the same time, many people can inspire one person to finally take the chance and push to tell their story. To be heard, to be alive, to be free. Because of the ability we have to be open, we’ve become better at opening up even to complete strangers. It’s scary at first but once you discover the balance, both doors and windows alike begin to open all around you.

We no longer need to wait to be inspired, through shared stories and experiences we’re discovering we ARE inspiration and have been all along. 


There’s probably many more connections but these are the ones that stuck out to me the most while reading this book. So, are you ready? Are you ready for the New Age Renaissance? Are you ready to move past the idea of a world built on misguided truths and imagery; a world build on an idolized pyramidal idea of patriarchal domination? Are you ready, for the Age of Aquarius?

-Gustavo Lomas