Who says only a select group of people are special or capable of greatness? Why does that have to continue to be an obligatory truth?

Everyone wants to be special but only a select group of people ever get to be labeled as such. Riddle me this, is it the “special” people who call them selves special or is it people on the outside who choose to dub them as such?

The only true difference is, perspective. Special is a matter of perspective. It’s something like a miracle, or magic, not to say that such things don’t exist; I think the ideas of both have been misconstrued to mean something unattainable, when really that’s far from the truth.

Nobody should strive to become special, and those who do happen to be labeled as such aren’t fans of the word. It creates a pedestal, one where everyone outside or standing down bellow is watching. Waiting for any wobble or fault to appear so they can yank back the carpet they placed down holding up the teetering pedestal. So they can say, “Huh, I knew it. They’re not really special…maybe we can try again with the next thing.”


It feels like a coping mechanism. Like, avoiding changes by taking up an addiction or collecting material things to help clog the void one feels.

The only difference between a person who is “special” and someone who thinks they aren’t, is one never stopped trying to be the bets version of themselves. That’s all. It’s not because one person is taller, or born into privilege, or better looking or even the best up brining. It’s all about effort.

A miracle is multiple efforts built up to one defining moment. Magic is what happens when people take the time to reach out to one another. It’s all a matter of what we do. It’s all about what we decide, for ourselves. 

You’re not special. I’m not special. Let’s take special out of it, from now on. What’s left?

You and me.


We all deserve the same things in life. We all deserve love, happiness, compassion, freedom.

Do you know what compassion is? It’s the wish for someone else not to feel hurt. That’s all. How are wishes granted? Through miracles.

Who’s responsible for the culmination of miracles? You and me. People.

All it takes is conscious effort towards moving forward. Not giving up, no matter what might stand in your way especially yourself, IS miraculous.

If you take away the NEED to be special, everyone becomes special. Is that such a terrible thing? For all of us to be equal, and I mean TRULY equal?

If you answer yes I just have one question for you. “Who says?”

-Gustavo Lomas


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