This post has been in draft form for about a week now. I knew the title, I liked the title, I just didn’t know exactly what I was meant to say…until now.

I just got back from a 45 minute meditation at a yoga studio. The conclusion I came to about truth as a whole, but more so in correlation with all humanity, is that for a long time now what’s been most important on a grand scale is “how” to be and not “who” to be.

“How” a person should be in societal standards was the truth of life. Nothing else mattered more than see[ing up a certain look or demeanor. Even if that meant having to be dishonest in a major way as long as it kept up the desired appearance. “How” is never the end destination, it’s simply a tool to achieving the true goal. “How” was never meant to be the foundation for society, we were always meant to grow out of it.

I dunno if you’re at all aware or have felt/seen the changes in affect but, it is in fact changing. It’s driving people nuts, but that’s what usually happens when change occurs on a cosmic scale.

This brings us to “who” we are meant to be. Being told a truth isn’t good enough any more. In this new age of information, this New Age Renaissance, those who are awakening are finding true truths on their own. We are becoming enlightened on a grand scale. Have you felt it? Came you name some of the examples of the crazy you’ve seen or heard about?

In the video directly above, I’m practicing some stuff after hours at the shop.

You might think, “Gustavo…isn’t it weird to practice martial arts and such where you work?”

To which I have to ask, “Would you say it was odd for Batman or the Green Arrow, aka Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen, to practice their badassery at their place of work?”

Because if you you do then, wow…the fact that you put me in the same league as those two DC Comic heroes…I’m honored. 🙂 😀 Teehee!

Martial arts is about being able to honestly become who you are. Being honest in your faults, in your strengths and everything in-between. It’s about truth, in motion. Martial arts IS truth in motion. It’s not a matter of remembering technique or about being able to cause pain to anyone the best.

It’s about respect, for the SELF and for all others especially those who seemingly can do nothing for you. It’s about honor, for your SELF and the environment even if it’s not ideal. It’s about love, integrity…martial arts is about life. It stems from the Life force, Qi (Chi), as we all do.

It’s about becoming “Who” you are through patience, practice and persistence. Know “how” something or someone might have achieved the basics, but using that to find your own way to better yourself from within. 

Not to uphold an image or idea, simply to become truth itself. 

So much so that the truth is reflected in your every action while all actions epitomize truth.

-Gustavo Lomas