This is rough and so forgive me. I wrote this in my head on my way home from work today. 

…Capitalsm’s been christened as Christianity; people dragging everything they own, families included, into the insanity just for a taste of salvation…

“…Under God…one nation,” pledge our allegiance while “leaders” criminalize alienation; like “Ask not…about foreign relations…” or sketchy businessmen “leader’s” private conversations…

How can we be “United” if we refuse to adapt into a better way of life with the United Nations?

Seems to me it’s all about Putin on the Ritz;

Comfort in discomfort, unsure whether or not president 45 would be willing to convert U.S. money to rubles and call it, “A poodle type of fair-trade…”

Just some observations I’ve made;

At the same time I could just be projecting what’s been affecting me since I became awakened. Things I can’t deny have shaken me to my core…

Basically, I’m to the point where I just can’t stand it anymore.


-Gustavo Lomas