Change happens in the slightest, on a second to second basis. Tiny nourishments for the soul, served most when we’re feeling unsatisfied.

“I need some more…good…”

All it takes is a second, and a second helping’s given, all in good time. Basically making the most out of a second, helping heal with natural appeal to balance out what’s false and what’s real.

One second can change a life, a second, time. Where anytime is the right time to unwind mind-sets somehow missing key pieces; runaway train of thought ceases to continue its rampage.

So a soul can come into its true age…of enlightenment. No longer fighting it; its potential’s unbound.

The proof’s here in my symphonic syntax scribble, my centrifugal scrawl; a deep part of who I am.

Now to ask a question if I can: if all we do is rush from moment to moment, what happens to the moments we’re in?

How can we appreciate the difference between what we’ve been through and the new opportunities that begin?


I took me a second to start this, as the seconds grew so too did the poetry, notably. Take a second for yourself, to live openly; who knows what’ll come to be when you live for a second, soulfully.


-Gustavo Lomas