Recently a friend of mine and I were having a conversation about relationships. At one point she said, in regards to my recent relationship, “But, it’s not like you were married or like it was your kid. So why put in so much effort? What was the point?”

I simply said, “Because love has it’s own timeline, logic and purpose. That’s what I know I had with them both. True. Love.”

Later she said, “Three months isn’t that long…you didn’t really know each other…you can’t get to know someone in just three months. Because three months is the longest amount of time someone will spend pretending that they’re something they’re not.”

And that’s what struck me. That’s where I realized just how much my friend was hurting inside; I realized how much she’d allowed fear to control her actions.

It doesn’t have to be that way. The world is LITERALLY what we make of it. If you want to believe the world is a cold unjust place filled with false hopes where only money or materialistic things will make you happy well guess what, that’s what your life will become if you let it. If you think the world is all rainbows and sunshine, then good for you but there’s a thin line between being positive and being naive.

Life, the world, everything, is balance in motion. We must find our balance within ourselves in order to bring true balance to the world around us, which will in turn bring further balance to us…it’s a cycle, a circle…a globe. Why else would the world be round and not square? (Just kidding I’m sure there’s a scientific reason for it…I don’t know it…but to me this theory makes sense too.)


So my question, my query to you dear friends is this: if you’re so willing to put your time and energy into pretending to be something you’re not, why not put that same time and energy into becoming all you’re meant to truly be?

-Gustavo Lomas

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