The more negativity you release, the less you’ll have…right?

It might make sense in the short term but in the long run, it’s disastrous.

As we grow up life becomes less like a frisbee and more like a boomerang, what we throw out into it begins to find its way back to us. Cliche, I know but it’s true.

People seem to think certain things about negativity: if you deny it it won’t effect you much if at all, if you speak about all the small things that annoy you then you’ll be beating negativity at its own game or if you allow yourself to only feel negative its power over you will dampen over time.


Let me throw another wonderfully cliche metaphor at you: if a flower were to only get rain and no sun, what would happen? Would it grow or continue to remain closed, unable to bloom?

What if that same flower, lets say a rose (yes because I like roses), were to be given nothing but sunlight all the time, no rain, what would happen? Eventually, maybe not long after its first bloom, it’d begin to wither and die. Dry up from the inside.


You my dear reader are said flower, no you don’t have to be a rose. You can be whatever flower or plant you choose. Even a cactus as the metaphor will still work.

The negative and bad times are the rainy days and the good times and moments are the sunny ones. Without a combination of both, how would growth happen? It wouldn’t.


The negative sucks, obviously. But it has a purpose, everything does. The negative sneaks up when you least expect it and then tends to linger…like a drunk person at a party trying to talk about how “awesome” they are.

The good happens to help us grow from the negative, and it soaks up any residual that might be left over so we can grow properly. So we can live abundantly.


Don’t fight the bad times, but don’t give into them completely either. There’s always a balance to be achieved, it just takes practice. Learn to smile even in the worst of times, maybe even chuckle a bit.

Be patient, with yourself. Because you owe that to you. Let the rainy day rain soak into your roots, and instead of feeling like the earth’s crumbling around you use it as a reminder of how strong your roots have gotten throughout your life. Remember what you’ve been through to get to where you are now and turn your head to the sky. Be ready for the warmth of the good that’s sure to follow.

Growth of any kind cannot be possible without the balance of good and bad, light and dark, yin-yang. We, as human-beings, are equipped with both. Made to use our lives to help maintain the balance of life around us through our actions, thoughts, dreams, hopes, words and everything in between.

Woven into each crevice, hidden within the gray uncertainties, are hints to our true power: love.

Love is and will always be humanity’s greatest accomplishment.

-Gustavo Lomas