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      1. I especially liked the second one — I think I should mention I am gay — and how you (sort of) compared gays and blacks was at first a little off putting, but then I understood what you were trying to say. It would be great to see more of these from you about different topics. You really are a master of your words. I’m going to be purchasing a copy of your book!

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      2. Thank you. Yeah, I use a lot of somewhat questionable metaphors and such but it’s to get people’s attention. I pick and choose what I say very wisely, everything I say and do has a purpose. Spoken word taught me that, or more so helped me refine it.

        There are more but none I’ve performed or recorded, not as much. I have other videos I was going to add on but was on the fence about. However, you just convinced me haha. So, thank you.

        Thank you for my book purchase as well, I hope you enjoy it. I have a blurb here about it “Me, Gustavo The Existentialist” and it explains it a bit.

        There is also an audio story I recorded two chapters of called, “Love Is.”

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      3. I don’t think they were questionable at all, I thought you put them together very well. I like a little but I like a bit of controversy/relief so even though it was off putting, I meant it more like it grabbed my attention. So you succeeded! Huzzah!

        I’ll be checking them out for sure! Thank you for sharing.

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