Do you feel it? A feeling of uncertainty so certain that it brings you to stop and ask, “Why…why now?”

It’s not just you, it’s happening all over the world and I know it seems scary but doesn’t everything at first? You’re gonna want to fight it, rebel against the new ideas you’re being awarded with. You can fight it, if you feel you must. No one is going to stop you and that’s the beauty of it.

The change isn’t going to force itself on you, it’s simply just going to happen. It’s like, getting angry with a flower for blooming. You can cut its stem, stomp on it or try to argue that it isn’t suppose to bloom but it won’t stop it from happening. While you’re fighting against the change that’s necessary, the flower says nothing and tries to prove nothing. It doesn’t gloat or persist in spite of change, it simply is.

Tranformation is a basic need in life. It happens every day in the smallest of ways to the grandest of scales. Yes, you’re a part of it all you just may not be aware of it yet. And that’s okay. Time is a splendidly frustrating thing. It never gives enough of itself when you need it and then when you decide you don’t want it there’s too much of it on your hands.

Yet, everything that needs to happen still happens, in time.

I think we often forget that time and “our time” are not the same thing. One is ever-flowing while the other is all about control.

It takes practice but there’s no better time like the present to start. Practice patience with yourself and the changes you feel you must endure. Practice positively understanding the negative; understand the negation of the positive. See all sides to everything as best as you can and more of what is, will open up to you. Then you’ll no longer act in terms of “what must be” but in terms of “what can be.”

Bruce Lee said, “Practice natural-unnaturalness or unnatural-naturalness.” Never allow yourself to be pulled or stuck in one direction, but allow yourself to possibly to pulled in every direction.

For me I see it as Solid-Fluidity or Fluid-Solidity.

“Be water, my friend.”

Mold, shift, adapt as change is eminent. Water doesn’t showoff it’s power, it’s simply given opportunities to adapt to where it’s hidden depth and power can be shown.

All due to changes that happen around it. Nothing is impossible, it only seems that way when you’re at the beginning of a new journey.


-Gustavo Lomas