Everyone goes through a long standing phase of denial. Denying what we truly like, what we dislike, what we dream to become; in essence who we truly are.

Have you ever considered that Humanity is in fact Martial Art? I can’t help but feel that way when I listen to the video above.

The only way to excel in any kind of discipline, in life, is to become in tune with who you truly are. Acknowledge your thoughts, understand your fears, feel every emotion. To deny anything that is part of who we are is denying ourselves the opportunity to become the best versions of ourselves.

Yet as Bruce Lee states, “That my friend, is very hard to do.”

My question for you is, why? Why is it so difficult for us to let ourselves be who we feel in our hearts we are?

A lack of discipline perhaps? Or could it be the opposite side of that coin, as in we’ve been conditioned through generations to become overly disciplined?

To keep ourselves locked away because the “world” can’t expect us for who we are. Many before us have come to just accept that societal rules are THE rules that must be followed. Not realizing that many of those rules deny us the ability to feel for not only ourselves but for our fellow human beings.


The general rule of thumb is, “Don’t bend or break. Stay strong and show nothing. No weaknesses otherwise you’re considered less then. Do only what’s asked and hold your tongue. Otherwise there’s no going back.” This, in my observations, has been especially true for women and I just wanna say…FUCK THAT.

Nope. Ladies, young and old, you’re probably the strongest human beings I’ve had the pleasure of knowing or coming into contact with. Not saying that any gender is better than the other but of all the B.S. you’ve been put through as women throughout history, I think it’s time we extinguish those unrealistic stereotypes.

Equality. Plain and simple, for all people. That’s always been my purpose, to inspire equality.


It’s time for a change unlike any other in all parts of the world. There are many out there who’ve felt it coming for a long time. This is for you, and for those who are just waking up, this is equally for you. Also, hey, welcome, how’re you doing?

The term “Revolution” has power but what we need is a shift in ideas, in understanding, with emotion,  overall progression and purpose. I think what we need is A New Age Renaissance.


Widen the range of motion with devotion to emotion; ascension will be mentioned in words turned verbs, impactful action; growing stronger in positive attraction as to lessen the grip of “celebrated” gossip as it’s really just the tip, of an ice berg. Dive deep in sync to see what lies beneath the surface, find out how it might better serve us no longer being entangled in the shallow. Not living in fear or anger as we’ve allowed those to rule us for far too long, obviously residing in either one isn’t where any of us belong. How do we break free of our chains and rise to greatness above? Simple, we finally trust in the true power of Love.


-Gustavo Lomas