*This is an idea based on “What If”*

It’s been a year since the election. An election that will no doubt go down in history as one of the most ridiculous in the history of the United States. President Sanders won despite not having the full support of the Democratic party. Trump handled it the only way he knew how, which was no surprise, with a twitter tirade about rigged elections and “fake news” being at fault for him being treated or depicted unfairly.

Within three months of his taking office the President, with the help of Vice president Clinton, made public a plan to bring jobs back to those who’ve long felt forgotten in the middle of the country.

Step one was halting the progression of the Dakota Access Pipeline but what happened instead was completely unexpected. Not only did they halt the pipeline, they reversed it. They came up with a plan for the pipeline to be used as a water pipeline to irrigate land.

The plan was so quickly and widely accepted that further plans were drafted to begin construction for similar pipes going through Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri; Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa; Oklahoma and Arkansas and of course North and South Dakota.

One of the main concerns for the plan was how to figure out and learn/teach the most efficient and long lasting way to nurture and grow crops. This is where Native Americans stepped in to help. Graciously grateful for the President’s decision with the original pipeline idea, they offered to help teach workers how to properly create the best environment for the crops. Through this, Native Americans were finally granted their place in the white house. With representatives in place who now help oversee much of how the government money is spent along with aiding in international relations.


The construction of the pipes understandably took some time but two of the four are complete. Many had concerns on where water for the pipes would come from but the people who developed the filtration system that brought back clean water to Flint gave a simple solution, “We’ll use recycled water from water treatment facilities.”

Naturally none of this was possible without proper funding. A majority of it came from fines issued to the oil companies , and their backers, invested in the Dakota Access Pipeline. That funded construction. Soon after President Sanders and VP Clinton began bringing troops home from overseas, by the thousands, which allowed them to divert money from the military budget to be set aside for the veterans who would be brought in to help manage and grow crops. All military personnel returning home, even those unable to work, received money for all their medical needs, both mental and physical. All of it paid for, so they could properly adjust to life as civilians.


Since then, we’ve gained an abundance of organic food. People who once felt ignored and forgotten have long standing jobs and opportunities. There’s a renewal of our collective spirit unlike anything before and President Sanders has repeatedly expressed his gratitude for the help and wisdom of Native Americans. “We’ve done nothing for our Native American partners that they didn’t already deserve. In truth, working alongside with them on a project like this is the absolute least we owe Native Americans. What we truly owe is our continued respect and growing love.”


When asked what prompted the return of military forces from overseas along with the shift in the military budget the President replied, “It was long over due, bringing them home. As for the budget, the budget was put in place in order to provide for our military. So in bringing them all home it made sense to distribute the bulk of the budget to our soldiers for their financial and personal needs.

“Those who’d been waiting to go to school were given the chance, some of the budget went to that as well. America needs to become great for who we are collectively deep down, not just a surface image. Somewhere along the lines we allowed our fears to pull us away from what it is we can truly be; it’s time we reexamine and redefine our core values.

“In order to build on those values we must rebuild from within. The reason for brining the troops home is simple, this is home. I commend all of you for your courage to fight for our country but for too long it’s felt like you were sent not on behalf of the country but on behalf of greed.

“Many an administration had made up excuses, selfish reasons to keep our military abroad. That ends now. With the help of Native Americans, Immigrants and Veterans, we’ll rebuild ourselves form within. Give soldiers opportunities to thrive, real reasons to live and be truly happy. That way if, IF, a fight were to happen and you’re sent into war, you’ll have helped build everything that you’re fighting for.

“I’ve been criticized on the decision made by the administration and myself to decrease our military presence with critics sighting the possibility of an enemy taking the opportunity to try to grow in power. If that’s what said countries feel would best benefit themselves and their people, why should we try to stop them? We can’t be involved in everything, then we’ll only succeed in exhausting our resources. If an enemy sees our lack of overseas military presence as a weakness then that’ll be their mistake. We brought our troops home, that doesn’t mean we won’t defend ourselves if necessary.

“What it means is that we know we can set a better example for the world than one based on fear. The United States is going to become a true example of respect. Power doesn’t come from fear. Power comes from having the courage to stand and face the truth and all the mistakes and accomplishments that’ve helped shape it. We the people, will now and forever lead by example.”


All this has brought on more possibilities for betterment as an iconic man of science, Bill Nye, has offered an overlooked solution to the long standing energy debate. “Build wind turbines and solar panels. Get some geothermal, some tidal energy and we’ll power the entire U.S.”

This is only the beginning. Who knows what more will follow. Possibilities abound as long as we continue to keep an open mind towards each other and our future. It’s never been about following a single leader or person, it’s about all of us. Undoubtably equal, united as people.