Undead Rally

Good morning teachers and students. Welcome to the beginning of month two of the school year. *Cough* Excuse me. We have our first dance coming up in two weeks and this afternoon is our first assembly of the year… *cough cough* Teachers, instructions were emailed to you this morning… *cough cough…cough cough* …I look forward to seeing you all there. And remember, everyday is a new opportunity to exceed expectations… *cough*…”


Ugh, I forgot about the assembly… “Okay well, we were gonna have a test today but I scheduled it for the same time as the assembly. Which means-”

“No test!”

“Nice try Marcus. No, I’ll just have to reschedule it for after. I’ll let you all decide. Do you want it now or after the assembly?”

“Ms. Leaf, if we choose later will we be able to use the time now as extra prep?”

“Good question Florence. I think so, yes. But you’ll all have to agree on now or later.

“All in favor of later, hold up your hands. Okay, okay. Those who’d rather take it now? Two of you. Later it is.”


“Dude, Vic, why’d you wanna take it now?”

“I’d rather get it out of the way.”

“Did you study?”

“Nope. Just not much of a test taker.”

“Hate to tell you weirdo, but life is just one big test. There’s no way to be fully prepared. But it helps to know you have people around you to help you through it.”

“You mean, people to cheat off of?”

“No…I mean people who can help you learn what you can. Awesome people like family…”

“Oh, in that case…”

“Or an amazing friend…”

“You mean you don’t you? Cause I don’t know if I’d go so far as amazing…decent, yes.”

“Oh come one! Where would you be if I hadn’t shared my PB&J with you in fifth grade?”

“Left alone. And probably happier…”

“Keep telling yourself that, but we both know you love me.”

“Keep telling yourself that, Flo.”

“Uh-huh. Florence the wise, the caring, the…the…”



“Get into groups. Actually, we’ll do partners. Your choice. But, if you mess around you’ll study alone.”

“Lucky you Vic, we’ve already got our partnership.”


“Come on, there are worse girls in the seventh grade.”

“Says you.”

“Ignoring that. First question…”

*                                                                         *                                                                             *

“Welcome seventh and eighth graders. Our upperclassmen. *Cough*. The last assembly was great. I think the younger years have the most spirit we’ve ever seen.”


“*Cough cough* What? You think I’m wrong?”


“Okay okay, lets see if you old folks still got it.

“When I say Bradshaw, you say Falcons…BRADSHAW…”






“BR…*cough*…BR…*cough cough*…”



“This is new.”

“See, you’re glad you didn’t hide out in the bathroom Vic.”

“Where do you think the assembly’ll go from here?”

“…Wait, wait…I don’t think this is part of it…”


“Teachers keep your classes seated. Nothing to worry about, we’re just gonna get Principal Pitcher to the nurse.

“Awe, Coach Pyle, can you get the doors please? Coach? …Coach? …Gail!”

“What the fu..?”


“Run, run! Florence, lets go!”