I’ve been contemplating the reason behind why I’ve never been keen on New Years resolutions. I don’t think they’re bad I just think people’ve always lacked true commitment to them. More often than not the same resolutions are recycled because they weren’t kept through out the year.


I think it’s because people became, for a while, more obsessed with the idea of New Years resolutions than they did with actually keeping to them. Not everyone mind you, but a majority.

For most, New Year resolutions were made to fit in with the crowd who said they’d made them. It became a sign of status. A goal with no desire to work in mind.

Why? Possibly, and this is just my take, because people like, or liked, to fit in. Many enjoyed the idea of standing out but lacked the will to actually stand on their own.


Which was prevalent in more than just the end of year unkept promises. Many would falter on small things they said they’d commit to throughout the month or week or day. Committing to the fear of commitment more than trusting in commitment itself.


Really, when we commit to something for our benefit what is the worst that can happen?

We don’t get it on the first try? We have to start over from the beginning (but not really the beginning because we have more know-how of what not to do) to move forward?

I had to ask myself, well I often ask myself, “What is it we’re truly afraid of?”


For a while the answer’s been standing alone. We admired stories of the under dogs but few actually possessed the courage to walk the path. Maybe that’s where the idea of “New Years” resolutions came from?


We want to know that we have the power to rise to our best potential, we want a chance to prove we’re capable of all we truly desire. We want a fresh start.


I understand the appeal of New Years resolutions but I think that idea was only ever meant to be a starting point. Instead of waiting for a new year, I think the secret to truly unlocking our potentials is “New Day” resolutions.


Every day is literally a fresh start from the day before. Every second, every moment is an opportunity to better our selves. A year gives creed to any and all excuses to not stay true to you.

Scale it down to a day and soon: you’ve concurred obstacles, exceeded expectations, broadened horizons…moved mountains by the end of the year because of refusing to let days linger or be lost in self doubts.


As with most of my ideas, this is all easier said than done but, not at all impossible.

The destination always seems impossible to reach before the journey begins.

The hardest part will be letting go of what you thought you needed; letting go of wanting to control everything.

But that’s freedom. Freedom, is limitless and only in freedom can you find your true potential.

Letting go of trying to control things means letting go of certain ideas, wants, things and of course people. People will always be the hardest to let go of.

The more free you become, the more you’ll be able to let go with less and less fear of the unknown. You’ll lose many people along the way but the true people who are meant to be with you will always find a way back; will find a way to stay. You’ll let go of people, not for their lack of potential but simply because you’ve fully accepted yours.


Yes, New Years is a good time to reacquaint ourselves with possible resolutions but we can’t allow it to become the only reason for resolutions. Otherwise we’re doomed only to allow ourselves to be “happy” within boundaries. When we limit our potential for happiness, happiness loses potential.

A resolution revolution. One of many that are taking shape. Are you ready?


-Gustavo Lomas

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