Bellow are videos of some of the stretches I do on my stretch and mediation days of training.

I’ve also figured out today how I’m going to set up tennis balls on strings so that on my stretch and fitness/speed training days, I’ll have actual challenging points to focus on.

This is simply another step in my journey towards unlocking my true potential. I know it doesn’t look pretty and that’s not the point. Again, progress is always constant and thus should be strived for any chance we get.

Flexibility for me means honing in on my adaptability. It transfers over to other and all aspects of my life in which adaptability can be applied. No, in which it will be applied.

My hope, in sharing aspects of this side of myself, is to inspire people to lighten up in terms of their own imperfections. To stop comparing ourselves to the unrealistic ideals we think we need to become.

Life is all about finding what makes you feel most complete and figuring out how to make it apart of your life every day. Find your calling through experience, don’t let fear hold you back.

-Gustavo Lomas