I’ve talked about my training in Jeet Kune Do. How it’s a huge new, rather reignited, part of who I feel I am in my heart and soul. This is a video of me stretching before going for a run after work.

I’ve always said, to friends and even partners in relationships, “Perfection isn’t the point of us being here, the point of us being together. I don’t care what you look like or about mistakes you make or have made. The only time I’ll have a problem is if you choose to purposefully cause pain and agony to someone, yourself included. All I want, all I care about is you being you. Completely you, finding the best ways to make yourself happy in the long term.”

Too often, in our society, we see the finished product or result of something someone does. Never behind the scenes of the way in which they arrived. It’s been most prevalent for women, at least in my observations, but I realized only a couple days ago that as a man I also struggled with unrealistic expectations.

Placing them on my shoulders for far too long. Being afraid to be completely myself, afraid to be honest because I knew I had faults.

So, along my journey of J.K.D. training I’ll do my best to share bits and pieces of what I do. So that, together we can understand in depth that progress is much more important than the “final” form.

This is the first part of that. Finding out my flexibility and learning how to improve it over time to better benefit myself and my martial arts ability.

Life is a journey, we all have our own individual missions but that doesn’t mean we can’t use our personal mission to help inspire others struggling with theirs. Be the hand and arm that someone uses to help gain balance in their uncertainty. 

-Gustavo Lomas