Today I was curious about what the spiritual significance of being arachnophobic is. This is what I found, in an article via Google search. I was surprised with it too. What do you think?

Are you afraid of spiders? Do they creep you out for some unknown reason? Do any of the spiritual reasons in this article correlate with you internally?

In numerology, SPIDER adds to 1+7+9+4+5+9 = 35/8, the same vibration as words like CREATOR, MOUNTAIN and WATERFALL. So spiders symbolise the ‘force of nature’. The number 8 relates to the Karmic Pattern (8th) Chakra, which is about our relationship to God, the big picture and abundance. The infinity ‘8’ suggests that’what goes around comes around’ – no wonder words like KARMA and FAITH also have an 8 vibration. Spiders also have eight legs.

What Do Spiders Represent? What is their Animal Totem Meaning?
Spiders represent opportunism. They prepare for success, can make a living anywhere, and jump on new ideas before they get away. Their confidence is incredible.

If you keep seeing spiders, or are scared of them, ask yourself:
-Do I control my life, or do I feel trapped in a web of words/ lies?
-Where do I avoid confrontation? Where do I let small things stop me?
-Am I willing to receive my good from the Universe? Do I trust that, if I turn up well-prepared, Spirit will send me what I need (through the Law of Attraction)?
-Where can I enlarge my social and online networks?
-Who taught me that spiders are evil? Do I still want this belief?
-Am I scared of looking like the bad guy? How would life be if I held my ground?

Do I see the world as a hostile place of competition, where I must ‘kill or be killed’? What would happen if I let go of this false belief?

sarahyip_spiderneighbour-Where am I afraid to start again? Where have I clung to broken ways? Spiders often remake their webs, they see it as part of life.
-How can I be more creative? How can I use my magic powers to make life visually stunning? Spider webs are so beautiful in the sun.
-Do I let the fear of death control my life? As I’ve read in books, ‘until you learn how to die, you don’t know how to live’.
-Do I enjoy ‘pulling things out’ at the last minute and living according to my intuition? Spiders are associated with witches and psychics as you may know.
-Do I feel that parts of my life are ‘hanging by a thread?’ and in need of urgent repair? (e.g. if you see broken webs everywhere).


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