This is just the start.

For more on the project and it’s drive after the video linked above, go to the site bellow. Trust me, this is important.

In the interview above he talks about how important it is for us to understand our history completely, the true history. “…You can’t go to Germany without someone talking to you about the Holocaust, or South Africa without talking about the Partite and other countries as well…” I’m paraphrasing; it’s not only dire but pivotal that we, as a truly united country, begin to shed light on what atrocities shaped this country.

No longer can we ignore the truth and still hope to become better overall. Just doesn’t work, not for the long term. All we’re going to do is tare ourselves apart from within and negate any strides towards progress any one in our history has made.

“Ignorance has a cure; intelligence doesn’t.”

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