Hmm, it seems almost backwards-the title-now that I’m looking at it starting this post but it makes so much sense, right?

To limit one’s limiting limitations; to find the fault hidden within the depths of something that highlights faults. Like, finding the root of a cure to a disease hidden within the deadliest part of the disease itself. Mother Nature, always hard at work to ensure constant evolution.

Hense I want to ask you, yes you! I want you to begin to understand your existing limits so that you can in turn, possibly even within a weeks time, begin limiting their limitations.

Crawl into the furthest part of your mind, become the solace you seek in the darkness; let limitations be cast out of the shadows with your natural imperfectly beautiful illumination.


Limits exist in the mind and feed off of our belief in them. Want proof?


I was born with a slight heart murmur (my heart skips a beat). Nothing major but the doctors said I wouldn’t be able to do anything athletic.

I never let it stop me. I started playing soccer at age 8, halfback, running constantly around the field. Then I started running on the weekends in high school with my Siberian Husky, four to five hours in length.

Now, I workout regularly and practice the martial art of Jeet Kun Do. I train hard, using a weighted jumprope to help with my agility training and ankle weights to help form better kicks as well as balance. I use one pound weights in my hands when I punch to gain both speed and power.

Now, where would I be and what would I do…who would I be, if I allowed myself to give more power to my limitations as opposed to my full potential. (I obviously have yet to reach it; I hope I never do as life is constant and not knowing my full potential will allow me to constantly feed into as well as receive all I can from life’s ever flowing energy).


I’m not telling or asking you to be like me, I’m asking and hoping for you to become more like you.

The only person or thing I compare myself to is the man I was yesterday. That’s all any of us should do. Strive to be better then who we thought ourselves to be in the past.


Trust me, you can do it. Know how I know?

There’s nothing that says you can’t.


-Gustavo Lomas



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