People who are afraid of not knowing themselves as well as you can strive to know yourself will always try and tell you that you’re “too much” of this or that. They’ll always try to push their fears onto you, make their insecurities into yours. 

Never let anyone try to convince you that who you are isn’t good enough, especially yourself.

Don’t…we can’t as human beings let that happen. We’ve all been the person afraid and with luck will become the person free of their fears. From this we learn empathy. 

Always, always only be you because everyone else is taken.

“You’re too deep, too real dude…coot it.”

Nope, can’t do it, I’m out to prove that my life will be worth more with me alive…not in the weight of a single bullet;

Like Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm Ex, John Lennon and even Gandhi; my words and actions will live on far beyond what I see…

Call it, an accidental legacy…

I get it, might be hard for some to follow me; their fear, they’ll put it all on me because they’d positively see me as the root of their dilemma…

Can’t see where I’m coming from, cause I’ve fuzed together with my inner ninja;

Means I’m dangerous, on a level all my own thanks to the truths I’ve been shown; by my demons who are clinging onto the edge I walk along…like it’s the thing to do

They’re afraid because they can’t fathom the depths of all I pursue…

They’re all about a shallow hell; my well of ever expanding awareness continuously grants me the power to be fearless…

I made them look at themselves in the mirror, allowing both them and me to see themselves clearer; hidden away behind them was the bigger picture…

My self portrait.

“Picture if you will,” the unleashing of skill meant to be mine from birth; priceless in worth…

There’s way too much wrong in our world and our hearts; I’m meant to change that as much as I can in my language of arts.


-Gustavo Lomas

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