I was told today that someone, in terms of hate groups and maybe any other issues, said the best way to deal with them was to, “Just ignore them. Pretend they aren’t there because all they want is attention…Stop giving them attention and they’ll eventually die off themselves…”

Okay so… Here’s why that doesn’t work, for anything in life.

It comes down to one word, ignore. It’s an easy thing to do, ignore all that might make someone or a society uncomfortable, but if people do it constantly over a long period of time ignoring quickly escalates to ignorance.

It’s in ignorance problems deepen their roots.

Ignorance rooted allows fears to grow and flourish. Fear becomes the fruit which nourishes the bellies of broken spirits.


No, we cannot ignore our ignorance. We cannot allow ourselves to become the product of our fears. We cannot allow hatred to redefine our humanity.


We must not fear trying to understand our fears. We need to understand them so that those who use fear as a reason to spread false ideas (alternative facts) begin to lose their power, begin to lose their voice.

Understand fear so that we break the fear of understanding. 

Ignorance and fear have plagued our world for far too long. So much so that progress has been replaced by “proper”. It’s not been enough to do something honestly, it’s been emphasized to “refuse our humanity in pursuit of property”, “to acknowledge our imperfection is to live improperly”.

Hasn’t left much room for progress or our prowess.

Now we must acknowledge the ignorance we’ve long used as a blanket, unravel it so we can make it into something much better suited for our long term needs. Maybe even use its core component to better understand the fragile fabric of humanity.

Ignore not what you feel in your heart to be wrong, detrimental to your and those you love’s well being. Especially when ignorance is said to be the best possible answer to such a solution.

We must be courageous in the pursuit of our happiness. 


-Gustavo Lomas



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    1. Thank you, I agree wholeheartedly. Violence from either side can’t be tolerated, just like ignoring the issues (silence begets silence) we cannot allow ourselves to justify bloodshed with bloodshed as violence begets violence.

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