I speak a lot about becoming one’s true self. Many have come to me at different times and heard me say similar things. They assume that I think it’s easy to do, I don’t know why. It’s not but often times when something seems difficult people have a tendency to give up thinking it’s always going to be difficult.

The true self, that’s the goal in life. To become the most honest versions of ourselves for no one else but ourselves.

“But, at what point do you stop because of the limitations or your limitations?”

What limitations? For me it’s simple but only because I put in the time and effort to bring myself to this point. “When I want to do something, I don’t let myself think I can’t.”

Again, so much easier said than done, but it can be done. Should your Will, be done.

Life’s gonna throw it’s own hurdles your way, there’s no need to try and make your own to add to it.


Let go of fear, you don’t need to hold onto it. In spite of what you’ve been told or brought up to believe.

At one point I was so adamant about proving myself to everyone around me that I lost every aspect of myself. Not because they’d asked me to but because I’d convinced myself I needed to. I was so angry at everything and every one for having to fight “them” to make any kind of progress…once I finally dealt with that anger and learned how to deal with any anger that may arise later, in a healthy way, I was able to understand the truth. The only thing fighting me on who I was meant to be, was me.


This is a reminder for you of things you might not yet understand. Of your beauty, power, grace, intellect and truth. Wherever you are, whoever you are. You should know that:

You, mi amore, are far too beautiful to be contained in a fearful perimeter of unrealistic expectations.

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