Faith can go one of two ways. You can have the ability to see both but like any decision in life, you can only choose one.

You can see faith as a ploy, or tool to distract from life’s true harshness. So you choose to keep faith in a narrow range of view. Hearing others talk about its power and the potential in them it’s unleashed but never fully believing in it for yourself. Instead of allowing faith to guide you, you fashion it into a collection of chains so that you may remain tethered to your false sense of security.

Or you can choose the “red pill” and let faith release you from what you’ve been told you shouldn’t understand: yourself. Faith guides you, steers you, in every aspect of yourself but never into situations that don’t benefit who you’re meant to be. Faith teaches you to not only breathe but exhale, it teaches you to see without having to know what’s coming, it expands the world within you while simultaneously shrinking the world around you and it opens your heart so that you can hear the heart beats of others.

You either invest faith in your fears or in your fulfillment.

I have a strong theory about the difference between Fate and Destiny. It’s a slight difference but often times that’s all it takes for the smallest of matters to expand into the universe and vice versa.

We’re all destined to make choices in life; these choices lead us to who we are through much trial and error. Fate is more like mathematical chaos, the fractals, x-factors of uncertainty, that can and will pop up at any given point in time. It’s obvious that they’ll pop up but it’s improbable to say exactly when as they aren’t reliable in their timing only in their existence. Fractals cause us to make choices on the fly without any information about what might happen afterwards or any indication of whether or not we made the correct choice. Life exists within this spectrum of events.

Destiny is what you do; Fate is what happens to you.

Life is a sequence of sequences. We’re all capable of controlling where we go in life but none of us can predict exactly where we’ll end up. In this theory, in this realization, I’ve come to understand that control is nothing more than a ridiculing repetitive illusion.

Oddly though, once you begin to see the illusion from the inside out and understand it’s false magic, you begin to let go of the need for control. In doing so begin to feel more in control than you’d thought possible.


Faith then, isn’t something we allow to hold us back or keep us in check. It’s a force all its own whether we want to believe in it or not. It won’t change the fact that it already is.

Just like Love.

The two, love and faith, are related you know. There’s no true love without faith in one’s self, faith in the love they have, faith in the one they love and faith in what can’t be seen. There is no faith without love. To love something is to have faith in it’s purpose, to have faith in its power, to have faith in understanding the misunderstood and to have faith in how deeply it connects to you and you to it.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s no easy thing to do. Plant yourself like a seed in the depths of faith with no certainty of when and where growth will occur but I promise you it will. Just because you can’t see it happening doesn’t mean it isn’t happing.

I mean, how do you know if you wondering whether or not it’s happening isn’t the start of it happening?


-Gustavo Lomas