“So I just finished. First off, I don’t read graphic novels, so I had to get used to the format, but I could visualize it all pretty well. What does SFX stand for? You have great character names and there is a good flow, it did keep my attention throughout but I did feel like some areas were a bit slow, or maybe I was impatient… 
When Christophe meets Demetrius to get a sense of him, I feel like nothing really happens, not much of anything is revealed there. Demetrius does acknowledge it was small talk, he thought there would be more; why isn’t there?
When Seya mentions Sherlock, there’s no recognition from Demetrius; wouldn’t he know this name?
Page 75, why would Demetrius ask Seya if she’s OK? Seemed out of place to me.
I like the line “Destiny plots in secret with history.” Sounds like a tag line!
At the end, in the journal when Sherlock says, “The elementary of my profession…” doesn’t make sense to me; were there some additional words there? It just sounds odd…
I don’t know how picky you want me to be, I wasn’t reading with a red pencil or anything, but I did notice several spelling and punctuation errors. However I’m sure that will all be hammered out when it is picked up by a publisher.
Overall I thought it was interesting; I can’t really see how everything will tie together, so you have my curiosity!
Thanks for sharing! : )”
My Response:
“Haha, it’s okay thanks for giving it a read. SFX means sound affects. 
The first meeting between C and D is subtle, the hint comes at the end of the scene when Christophe sings the same song that was playing when Demetrius’ alarm went off  after his new dream… 🙂 pay attention lady! haha. Christophe admits in the end they’ve been watching him and that’s the clue. Also, the chess references are a clue to how The Authority operates. Christophe is a Bishop and tends to look down on those he considers pawns, so he’s trying to gauge where on the board Demetrius stands. 
And no, Sherlock isn’t well know, he’s a real person here, not a fictional character. Quite possibly having records of his cases and life being deleted or erased…due to the Authority. 🙂
I think I didn’t put the character name. Seya is asking him. I’m pretty sure.
Thank you, that one was nice when it came to me haha. It’s just enough, and the fact that it makes sense makes Christophe much more appealing.
There might be more words…who knows under what circumstances Sherlock wrote that entry… 🙂 The theme for this first book is Humanity. It comes up quite a few times in different ways.
Thanks for reading it, and I’m glad the format wasn’t too hard for you to grasp. I think this might be your first graphic novel purchase 🙂 haha.”