I haven’t written a poem in a while and I’ve been feeling like I wanted to. Just, didn’t want to force whatever might come out. So far, I’ve had heartache on my mind and hope, prosperity and growth. So bellow is a poem that, hopefully, encompasses it all well.

Asking me to

hold in what I feel

would be like asking me

to never breathe again; 

covering my eyes

forcing me to never see again

because people’d rather play pretend

than see…me.

Hate and disgust, backhanded trust

because everything I am

reminds them of

who they aren’t;

hate that I’m

so deeply


of love,

of loving you,

because they’re happy you’ve

let so many bad experiences

convince you 

you don’t deserve love.


I prove them wrong,

just by being alive.


My presence in the world


nothing’s as bad as you’ve

been taught;

you’re not unlovable 

like you thought.


The world might always be

in shambles,

but being

human beings,

our lives are

all about taking gambles;

not by the handfuls


one by one with

ample hope.


We all see the world

for who we are


I’m sorry for

the amount of tears you’ve


due to the investment

you made into

someone else’s pride…


You want to change the world, 

you want to make it


in that I’ll confess

we’re birds of a feather;

it’s not the external

but internal storms we must



…Not all of them

we’ll be able to

overcome together.


I guess I just want to say, 

I hope you’re okay…

And I hope…

I hope, 

we can talk with each other

again some day.


-Gustavo Lomas




8 thoughts

  1. This 🙌🏽 I feel this on such a deeper level. Thank you for bringing my feelings into beautiful words ✨ and write more poetry 👍🏽

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    1. Haha, you’re welcome. I’m glad I could do it too. Get in touch with your feelings through my own.

      I really need to write more poetry. It’s what I started doing when I knew I wanted to be a writer. Ever since I was 8 years old 🙂

      So, Maybe I’ll try to do a new poem, not spoken word, every week. But might need your help keeping me on the schedule 🙂 Please?? haha.

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  2. Thanks! I started it with one idea in mind and then made it into something else with my edits because it seemed too specific in the wrong places.
    Almost for got how much I enjoy writing poetry. 🙂 😀


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