“Time has a weakness???”

Yeah. Its weakness is our greatest strength: Love. Love is the only thing that can make time, stand still. Love creates time while time loses control in love.

In love, we are free. Free to be, free to live, free to grow and free to further the power of love.

We must first get through our past pains and fears in order to find true love. Not ignore them or make them out to be insignificant, but truly look at them for all they were and all they are to us. Only once we’ve gone through the pain and suffering they’ve caused can we reach out and begin to find true love within ourselves.

Yes, reach out to the world around us in order to find the love that’s been buried by our experiences within ourselves.

Is it easy? Not in the slightest, but that’ll be your first clue that it’s necessary.


In a recent post, “The Most Painful Part…” I discuss the pain I still feel from a recent relationship. I wish I didn’t but I can’t deny that this woman, hurt me. Unintentionally I know, but it happened none the less because she (from what I can now understand) is barely beginning to discover her true potential. Whereas I’ve spent years not only finding who I am but understanding myself in my humanity.

I hope, with all my heart and the love that (for some reason -_- haha) continues to live on for her she’s able to discover all the things I’ve seen in her from day one. More so, I hope she learns to believe them. I also wouldn’t be surprised if all I’d seen and known about her in her heart and soul were just the beginning of her true self.

I wish I wasn’t so in tune with myself and my heart because I know it’d make it easier but I know I love her. I’m sure I always will just because I’m one of those weird romantic people.


Which brings me to the original thought for this post: I was talking with my cousin earlier and he said, “It was only three months, you should be able to just say, ‘Okay, it was good…thanks for it all…bye.'” While I get where he’s coming from and trying to help, something about that didn’t make sense.

That’s when I realized that time doesn’t matter to love. Love is its own sense of being. Falling in love with someone isn’t going to happen after a certain amount of time or after x,y, and z. It can happen in two hours, it can happen in a matter of days or it can happen within weeks. That’s a hidden piece of its power.

My cousin was speaking as if her and my relationship was some three month fling and that’s not the case. Within a month we both knew we loved one another. We both knew we’d fallen in love.

It’s just unfortunate that…it’s all played out the way it has.

I don’t expect for her to speak to me or want me in her life, and that’s fine. I don’t know if she’ll think of me or miss me at any point or understand the truth of our time together.

I did something I’d always dreamt of doing when I least expected it to happen. I loved her fully for who she is without hesitation or fear. Would I like to reconnect at some point? Of course, but I know there’s also a chance it won’t happen and that’s okay. As long as she’s happy and in love with who she is and her life.

Even in the painful moments I still send love and compassion her way.


“Love expects nothing and gives everything.”


-Gustavo Lomas