Consider this an admission,

of wishin for


a seemingly impossible thing

we all get stuck chasin.

A compellingly costly common

dream; it’d

seem at times like the more

it’s desired the quicker it’s due

to expire.


No need to be upset,

consider irritation an



you feel stuck, like

you’re wastin time.

Granted  your experience

and mine can be vast

in difference

yet still in a sense

they’re two lanes

down the same path.


Don’t worry about details,

I promise you it’s solid math.


Here’s what it comes down to;

it’s all about


Admire who you are

admire what you do,

admire all the things,

good and bad,

that’ve helped shape you.


Admire yourself for

continuing to do what

you do,

admire yourself first

let it shine from within

through you.


Practice this

in as many aspects

as possible;

practice constantly,

continuously grow



-Gustavo Lomas