Writer Gustavo Lomas is an enthusiastic novelist who is constantly seeking intellectual stimulation for himself and his readers. Finding a passion for writing at the age of eight, when he poured his heart out about the power and “awesomeness” behind his uncle’s race car. From then on he knew there was something hidden within writing that called to him and he has spent his life writing as much as he has been sleeping. However, when truly inspired he easily admits that sleeping eludes him.

Growing up in the Niles district of Fremont, California, Gustavo spent much of his time outdoors and it was nature that became his inspiration for writing poetry. As he evolved, it would be nature’s beauty that he would use to woo his many crushes, often resulting in unrequited affection. Still he persevered.

With a determination to perfect his craft as a prose writer, he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Full Sail University in March of 2016. Finding his truth, his identity as a writer, has lead him to boldly share his work with the world. In May 2014, he self published his first book The Uncertain, a philosophical fiction coming-of- age tale. It’s his quest to remove the complacency of his readers, by enlightening them with the stories that are all around us, in the people and places we take for granted.