Inspired by thoughts of cultivation. 

I can’t help but think about what a rush people are in. To be this or that, be here and there. Rushing all over the place without a thought of what it is they might be missing. I know I’ve touched on a similar topic in a past post but this is…lets say an evolution to it. (Nope, don’t remember the name of the original post, but I’m sure it’s there somewhere haha).

In particular the rush of being an “adult” comes to mind. The choices built around circumstances purely based on need. Need is not the same as necessity. They’re often confused to be the same.

I’ve found, through observation and experience, that people rush into finding a “partner” a romantic connection because they’ve been conditioned to think it’s needed. Companionship is about equality, and is obviously human nature, but one’s human nature (basic principals) should not be sacrificed in the hopes of forcing such a bond.

It’s a thin line. That’s what makes finding the balance so difficult, but balance can be achieved and is a necessity for betterment overall.

Balance can’t be rushed, obviously. Have you ever tried to balance on an unsteady surface in a hurry, how quickly do you fall? Balance is a slow, steady process. It’s about patience, growth and understanding.


Don’t ever let someone else, or outside sources, try and convince you of hurrying to find your balance. Yes, having it sooner rather than later can prove beneficial but it doesn’t work that way for everyone. 

You, YES YOU, are meant to do nothing but find your balance in YOUR life. Not in accordance with anyone else’s schedule.

Many often rush to become something because they fear who they are isn’t good enough. They push and pry and force themselves into a mold because fitting in feels “better” than standing out on their own.

You’re far too beautiful to be confined by the fearful barriers of unrealistic expectations.

It then becomes about looking good because you’re “this” or “that”, part of this group or that religion or this section of town or this country of the world. Let’s take a step back and learn to allow ourselves to be human beings.

Let’s just take a few minutes, right now…take a few deep breaths. In through your nose, out through your mouth.

In through your nose, out through your mouth.

In through your nose, out through your mouth…

Good. Now, lets take away all the labels and groups and borders and go back to basics. Who are we? Human beings. Instead of trying to fit into smaller factions in life, let us simply strive to be the best versions of ourselves as Human Beings. None of the other boxes of thought we’ve created for ourselves are as important for us to understand as simply being human beings.

I could be wrong, then again I’m only human.

I understand the “need” for them. We’ve been created with a need for security, safety, because deep down we know how fragile we all are. We “need” a safety net. A place to run for shelter when things become too much to handle; or rather because things are too much to handle. Kids, playing tag all running to get back to base because no one wants to be “it”. No one wants to be stuck running around feeling inadequate.

We’ve focused too much on the “source” of possible safety and not enough on how to overcome the fear driving the need itself.

Every message, passage, thought, quote or whatever else has been put out there all lead back to the same things in essence: compassion, care, understanding, faith, honor, respect-LOVE.

Jumbled behind multiple sources, Love is hidden. What we want is a source of love, a being on which to put a face/persona-a physical form-in order to identify the ability of Love.

We don’t trust ourselves, we don’t trust our heart. So we cannot fully accept and appreciate the truth that Love offers…has always offered.

Love is the source; We are the physical form.

Identify with who you truly are; fight forward in order to be the epitome of the most powerful word: Love.

Awaken to the sight of YOUR self.

-Gustavo Lomas


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  1. Wow!! This was a great read. What really struck me was this part about “placing ourselves in a box/category, how that gives security and comfort. That part I read twice and found that so revealing, timely and Inspiring..thank you for letting me know you wrote this..a privilege to read..

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  2. Wonderful thoughts and words… embrace every wonderful moment.. and you will be happy, and hopefully find your soulmate 👌🦋

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